English Amateur Billiards Association

Seniors 2012

Last 8             Dave Sneddon   271   Tony Clegg   245 Brian Harvey   204   Arthur Winn   176 Steve Crossland   325   Jack McLaughlin   136 54             Chris Mitchell   261   Branson Hoole   193 Semi Final     …

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Preliminary Rounds               M.Hatton   93 285 A.Clarke     174 C.Taylor   51 240 M.Graham     167 E.Fielding     183 P.Wooland   79 132 Last 32               M.Hatton   118 256 C.Taylor   98 194 E.Fielding     186 A.Cooke …

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EABA Ranking Events 2021-20

 You may have seen from the website that the EABA is starting up but in the interests of caution and manageability in a condensed way. The allocation of ranking points will be based on 4 ABC’s ( not 5) with all 4 counting.  Compulsory points for the England Amateur and the Jock McGregor Handicap still …

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2015 Matchplay

Round 1 (best of 3*100up)               name   breaks score name   breaks score Jamie Wayman     100 Joe Graham     32 Jamie Wayman     100 Joe Graham     72 Rob Hall   56 100 Chris Mitchell     23 Rob Hall   50 100 …

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ABC Jan 2012 Leeds


ABC 2011 Clay Cross


ABC Feb 2012 Cambridge


ABC #6 Fareham

Last 32               Arthur Winn       Bye       Terry Azor     186 Mick Kunzi     174 Chris Taylor   96 224 Eddie Fielding     199 Rob Hall   78,77 334 Tina O’Selverton     109 Phil Mumford       Bye   …

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2011 ABC BuryStEdmunds


Whitworth Masters 2012

Group A     Group B     Rob Hall     Jim Mc Cann     Tony Clegg     Chris Taylor     Richard Lodge     Mark Graham     Steve Crossland     Johnathon Marwood                 Group A           Rob …

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