English Amateur Billiards Association

English Amateur Finals 2022

Martin Goodwill 62,51175John Hughes  175 
Martin Goodwill 127,51253John Hughes  128Points 428-304
John Mullane 78,88289Darren Kell 72155 
John Mullane 50232Darren Kell  287Points 521-442
Rob Hall 114,124,63352Phil Welham  64 
Rob Hall 165,79,55393Phil Welham  148Points 745-212
Mark Hatton  198Eddie Duggan  141 
Mark Hatton 56,54327Eddie Duggan  106Points 325-247
Semi Final        
Martin Goodwill  121John Mullane 95247 
Martin Goodwill 112,66287John Mullane  129Points 408-376
Mark Hatton 105181Rob Hall 55,52195 
Mark Hatton 83225Rob Hall 69183Points 406-378
Martin Goodwill 78,58261Mark Hatton 51115 
Martin Goodwill 179,114,79,61536Mark Hatton  110Points 797-225

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