English Amateur Billiards Association

2022 Grandmasters Whitworth Institute

The Underdog, Geoff Barrett came good to win the grandmaster, he digged in deep in his quarters to make a 64 break to defeat Ron Bickerdike by a small margin of 4 points in the two game. He then went on to defeat Darren Kell in the semi final 294-210. Facing number 1 seed Phil Welham in the final, Phil started well with a 76 break but at the half way stage phil was slightly behind. In the second match Geoff played some exceptionally good Billiards to win 485-259 compiling a 67,59 break to take the title. Many thanks to TD Clive Scott and his teams of ref Matin O’Reilly, Bob Slee, Tom Hughes, Steve Crosland and Chris Ellis. A great Weekend of Billiards.

Richard Whittle173Mick Cooper125
Richard Whittle187Mick Cooper139Points 360-264
Phil Welham89,55277Chris Achilles110
Phil Welham157Chris Achilles64208Points 434-318
Geoff Barrett90Ron Bickerdike111
Geoff Barrett63129Ron Bickerdike103Points 218-214
Darren Kell277Chris Taylor146
Darren Kell109220Chris Achilles101Points 325-247
Semi Final
Richard Whittle119Phil Welham84unf131
Richard Whittle90Phil Welham89,72,60382Points 209-513
Geoff Barrett134Darren Kell83
Geoff Barrett160Darren Kell127Points 294-210
Phil Welham76146Geoff Barrett200
Phil Welham113Geoff Barrett65,57285Points 259,485

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