English Amateur Billiards Association

ABC#3 Kings Lynn 20/3/2022

Mark Hirst91228John Davis133
Nathan Mann118,54296Richard Wild84
Mick White242Mark Hill101
Rob Hall92397Danny Overton73
Chris Taylor72unf,55295Anna Lynch152
Ian Dennis53280Nathan Boughen134
Gary Norman264Peter Johnson139
Dean Manders183Eddie Fielding123
Eddie Fielding142Peter Johnson138
Dean Manders61274Gary Norman50215
Anna Lynch215Nathan Boughen185
Chris Taylor179,50423Ian Dennis96
Mark Hill174Danny Overton132
Rob Hall140,65,65468Mick White89
John Davis194Richard Wild133
Nathan Mann55236Mark Hirst111
Mark Hirst64275Richard Wild71
Nathan Mann275John Davis97
Mick White246Danny Overton132
Rob Hall65,61363Mark Hill73
Chris Taylor146,50388Nathan Boughen89
Ian Dennis224Anna Lynch206
Gary Norman73306Eddie Fielding109
Dean Manders53239Peter Johnson149
Last 8
Nathan Mann191Mick White174
Rob Hall575unf, 59638Mark Hirst2
Gary Norman224Chris Taylor211
Dean Manders270Ian Dennis161
Rob Hall296,111577Nathan Mann5675
Gary Norman53265Dean Manders217
Rob Hall178,58,56375Gary Norman196
Last 8
Nathan Boughen219Anna Lynch211
Peter Johnson180Danny Overton143
Eddie Fielding153Richard Wild105
John Davis255Mark Hill137
Nathan Boughen192Peter Johnson137
Eddie Fielding59202John Davis51177
Eddie Fielding225Nathan Boughen123

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