English Amateur Billiards Association

English Amateur Qualifiers Last 18

Last 18
Darren Kell80428Matt Jackson173
Eddie Duggan295Mark Hatton274
Peter Sheehan99,85,74,64,55545John Mullane157,52395
John Hughes279Phil Welham52247
Rob Hall194,76,63479Nathan Mann58166
Adam Clarke69417Mick cooper237
Martin Goodwill75401Mick Cooper237
Matt Jackson54,50404Geoff Barrett56313
Mark Hatton52,51,50459Calvin Dawes270
John Mullane136,83,69,63,54,50707Matt Peaker283
Phil Welham141,71,61,58580Mick White176
Nathan Mann53465Gary Norman177
Rob Hall152,132,122,60,52730Gary Norman170
Martin Goodwill145,104535Adam Clark201
Darren Kell62350Geoff Barrett82,51254
Eddie Duggan369Calvin Daws315
Matt Peaker84,84,76,71,57,52652Peter Sheehan94342
John Hughes83507Mick White179
Kell, Duggan, Mullane,Hughes,Goodwill, Hall
Best two runners Up
Welham, Hatton

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