English Amateur Billiards Association

ABC#4 ATACK Nuneaton 20/2/2022

Last 32
John Hughes270Dean Manders96
Matt Jackson380Chris Ellis86
Peter Sheehan127unf,125,93465Martin Phillips130
Anna Lynch195Mick Johnson170
Mark Graham162Jason Devaney130
Chris Mitchell171Eddie Fielding123
Matt Spade154Peter Johnson87
Mick White191Graham Stevenson182
Ron Bickerdike201Mark Hirst56121
Eddie Duggan215Mark Hill127
John Mullane301Chris Achilles217
Gary Norman213Craif Fitzpatrick71194
Last 16
Matt Jackson225John Hughes207
Peter Sheehan53376Anna Lynch136
Chris Mitchell229Mark Graham152
Matt Spade168Mick White166
Ron Bickerdike188Eddie Duggan156
John Mullane119311Gary Norman190
Nathan Mann211Rob Hall138
Geoff Barrett232David Dean64
Last 8
Peter Sheehan64,63381Matt Jackson176
Chris Mitchell179Matt Spade130
John Mullane80,62229Ron Bickerdike67unf180
Nathan Mann97,69,50312Geoff Barrett68
Chris Mitchell95,62,59272Peter Sheehan113,53250
John Mullane72185Nathan Mann170
Chris Mitchell89,56287John Mullane176
Last 16
Jason Devaney175David Dean104
Rob Hall84318Martin Phillips170
Mark Hill154Chris Ellis142
Chris Achillies308Eddie Fielding99
Mick Johnson182Peter Johnson153
Craig Fitzpatrick75,59282Mark Hirst126
Dean Manders206Graham Stevenson201
Last 8
Rob Hall293Jason Devaney107
Chris Achillies349Mark Hill115
Craig Fitzpatrick76341Mick Johnson124
Dean MandersBye
Rob Hall280Chris Achillies203
Craig Fitzpatrick291Dean Manders108
Rob Hall184384Craig Fitzpatrick69197

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