English Amateur Billiards Association

Breaks ABC#1 21/10/2021

High Breaks ABC #1 2021 Derby

Peter Sheehan338,143,100uf,88,63,53,53,50
Rob Hall145,117,117,114,101,84,71,63,60,56,50
Darren Kell97,73,69,68
Gary Norman95,59
Mathew Peaker95
Mark Hirst87
Adam Clarke81,58,50
John Mullane79,68,60
Chris Taylor70,69
Jonathon Marwood65,57
Chris Mitchell65,51unf
Eddie Duggan65
Mark Graham57unf,51,51
Ron Bickerdike56
Craig Fitzpatrick55
Terry Azor54
Dean Mander51

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