English Amateur Billiards Association

Friendly Cup 2014

Classic Club, Glengormley    5th/6th April   
England 2×150 75mins Northern Ireland   
Tony Clegg115077Terry McDowell1126150
Mark Hatton2150148Kenny Campbell010864
Chris Taylor2150150Christian Kirk07664
Darren Kell19150Keith McCready115064
 6   2  
England 2x150up Northern Ireland   
Eddie Fielding215087John Weston013475
Rob Hall2150150Norman Whaley04944
David Rees115065Paddy Donnelly168144
Mark Graham183150John McIntyre115072
 6   2  
England 250up Northern Ireland   
R.Hall2 250John McIntyre0 9
Chris Taylor2 250William Lowes0 187
Mark Hatton2 211Paddy Donnelly0 204
Darren Kell2 250Terry McDowell0 80
 8   0  
England 250up 1 hour Northern Ireland   
Eddie Fielding0 182Christian Kirk2 189
Mark Graham2 221Kenny Campbell0 140
David Rees2 195Keith McCready0 109
Tony Clegg2 250Norman Whaley0 149
Saturday Points26   6  
England 2×150 75mins Northern Ireland   
R.Hall2150150Terry McDowell05136
Chris Taylor2150150Kenny Campbell06978
Mark Hatton2150150Christian Kirk08349
Darren Kell2150150Keith McCready07626
 8   0  
England 2x150up Northern Ireland   
David Rees092118Christian Kirk2150141
Eddie Fielding08650John McIntyre215085
Tony Clegg2150150Kenny Campbell012684
Mark Graham2150122Frank Trainer013061
 4   4  
England 250up Northern Ireland   
David Rees2 250Frank Trainer0 106
Tony Clegg2 250John McIntyre0 91
Darren Kell2 250Kenny Campbell0 160
Chris Taylor2 250Terry McDowell0 164
 8   0  
England 250up 1 hour Northern Ireland   
Mark Graham0 203Christian Kirk2 227
R.Hall2 211Kenny Campbell0 176
Eddie Fielding2 215Keith McCready0 107
Mark Hatton2 250Norman Whaley0 78
Saturday Points26   6  
Sunday Points26   6  
 52   12  
Rob Hall   107,99,51unf,91,132,118unf   
Chris Taylor   58,127unf,67   
Mark Hatton   60,58,136,62,65,102   
Tony Clegg   77,76   
Mark Graham   66   
Darren Kell   118,60   
Kenny Campbell   52   
Keith McCready   117   
John McIntyre   52   
Paddy Donnelly   57   
Christian Kirk   55   
Eddie Fielding   59,53,50   

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