English Amateur Billiards Association

Matchplay 2014

Last 32       
P Mumford2100,100(57unf) A Winn051,27 
B Harvey2100,15,100 Bill Andress129,100,52 
S Crosland2100,100 C Cator047,28 
R Hall2100,100(102unf) J McCann045,0 
D Nichols2100,100 P Johnson024,55 
S Kershaw292,100,100 John Carman1100,72,52 
E Duggan2100,86,100 G Howard12,100,55 
M Bennett2100,100 M Hill060,55 
D Rees2100,100 M Wharne030,55 
Tony Cooke2100,54,100 C Ellis163,100,80 
C Taylor2100,100(74unf) Ron Agnew050,37 
Clive Everton2100,40,100 Chris Mitchell189,100,92 
Eddie Fielding2100,100 Joe Graham093,71 
P Shelley2100,79,100 Tony Clegg128,100,29 
S Bradshaw2100,100 T French078,44 
R Barrett2100,100 M Loyn084,94 
Last 16       
P Mumford374,100unf,100,100 B Harvey1100,7,73,74 
Rob Hall3100,100.100 Steve Crosland079,87,49 
Dave Nicolls397,100,100,100 Steve Kershaw1100,53,76,88 
E Duggan3100,100,100 M Bennett063,53,99 
Dave Rees3100,100,100 Tony Cooke047,57,47 
Chris Taylor3100.33,100,100 Clive Everton17,100,81,21 
Eddie Fielding380,100,100,100 P Shelley1100,22,87,27 
Steve Bradshaw3100,100,100 Richard Barrett099,58,94 
Last 8       
Rob Hall3100,100,3,100 Phil Mumford172,27,22,100 
D Nicholls3100(58),100,100 Eddie Duggan043,10,20 
Chris Taylor3100,57,68,100,100 Dave Rees233,100,100,90,62 
S Bradshaw3100,47,100,54,100 Eddie Fielding250,100,72,100,55 
Rob Hall3100(59),100,48,100(87unf) D Nicholls133,45,100,54 
Chris Taylor347,100,100,100 Steve Bradshaw1100.77,20,69 
Rob Hall3100(77),100(86),88,100(71) Chris Taylor262(55),32,100(71),100,66(59) 
Tony Clegg2100,100 T French045,10 
M Warne2100,100 H Howard174,56 
Bill Andress2100,100 C Cator035,57 
A Winn2100,100(59) M Hill08,12 
J McCann2100,100 P Johnson037,27 
C Mitchell2100(76),100 R Agnew013,12 
J Carmen2100,100 C Ellis055,44 
M Lyon2100,100 J Graham050,40 
Last 8       
Tony Clegg2100.100 M Wharne038,89 
A Winn2100,100 Bill Andress020,57 
C Mitchell265,100,100 J McCann1100,30,94 
J Carmen2100,100 M Lyon045,65 
Tony Clegg2100,100 Arthur Winn078,66 
Chris Mitchell2100(71),100 John Carmen042,36 
Chris Mitchell2100,87,100 Tony Clegg172,100,88 

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