English Amateur Billiards Association

Whitworth Masters 2012

Group A  Group B  
Rob Hall  Jim Mc Cann  
Tony Clegg  Chris Taylor  
Richard Lodge  Mark Graham  
Steve Crossland  Johnathon Marwood  
Group A     
Rob Hall85308Steve Crossland 235
Tony Clegg90366Richard Lodge 123
Rob Hall161,52437Tony Clegg 97
Steve Crossland71287Richard Lodge 225
Rob Hall99,53,94unf359Richard Lodge 141
Steve Crossland69,59,58299Tony Clegg 180
WinnerRob Hall Runner UpSteve Crossland 
Group B     
Jim Mc Cann50180Chris Taylor106179
Mark Graham 243Johnathon Marwood 153
Jim Mc Cann 229Johnathon Marwood 153
Chris Taylor 184Mark Graham 182
Jim Mc Cann50248Mark Graham 161
Chris Taylor52,79257Johnaton Marwood 148
WinnerJim Mc CannRunner UpChris Taylor 
Semi Final     
Rob Hall103418Chris Taylor 194
Jim Mc Cann62327Steve Crossland 200
R.Hall76,89,56466Jim McCann76,58350

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