English Amateur Billiards Association

Rankings 2002

Final EABA Ranking List for 2002/03 Season

RankNameABC PointsEnglish Amateur PointsTotal Ranking Points
1Stephen Crosland125.022.5137.5
2David Burgess120.010.0125.0
3Tony James70.050.0120.0
4Phillip Welham85.022.5102.5
5Brian Harvey70.030.0100.0
6Jim McCann90.010.095.0
7Darren Kell82.515.092.5
8Mark Hatton95.090.0
9Paul Dunning72.515.082.5
Phil Mumford60.022.582.5
11David Rees65.05.065.0
Matthew Sutton25.040.065.0
13John Hartley57.55.057.5
14Tony Clegg40.015.055.0
Phil Davis50.010.055.0
16Billy Bousfield40.015.050.0
Jimmy Chambers35.015.050.0
Peter Shelley45.05.050.0
19Justin Cole45.05.045.0
Ronnie Haigh40.05.045.0
Geoff Lingard35.010.045.0
Alf Nolan40.05.045.0
Michael Wright30.015.045.0
24Robert Hall37.55.042.5
25Mike Allen40.05.040.0
Bill Andress40.05.040.0
Dean Manders35.05.040.0
Brian Moffatt35.010.040.0
Michael White30.010.040.0
30Ron Bickerdyke35.035.0
Martin Phillips40.035.0
32Matthew Peaker22.510.032.5
33Jack Hedley30.030.0
Jock McGregor30.05.030.0
Callum Robinson35.030.0
Norman Routledge30.05.030.0
Bob Slee35.030.0
John Smith25.05.030.0
39Brian Watson22.55.027.5
40Jerry Conba20.05.025.0
Brian Cousen20.05.025.0
Tony Done15.010.025.0
Eddie Feilding20.05.025.0
Dennis Marr15.010.025.0
Bob Patterson10.015.025.0
David Peaker20.05.025.0
Trevor Thorne20.05.025.0
48Michael Donnelly22.522.5
49Terry Colby10.010.020.0
Keith Lloyd15.05.020.0
Dominic Mulhall15.05.020.0
Arthur Reeve5.015.020.0
David Richardson15.05.020.0
Sam Salter20.020.0
John White20.020.0
Phil Whiteside15.05.020.0
57Robert Shanks12.55.017.5
Paul Snowden17.517.5
59Paul Allcroft10.05.015.0
Tony Grant15.015.0
Branson Hoole15.015.0
Anthony Kyme15.015.0
Richard Lodge5.010.015.0
Darren Murrell10.05.015.0
Paul Rayner15.015.0
Chris Ross10.05.015.0
Collin Routledge15.015.0
Ivan Stevenage10.05.015.0
Paul Stocker15.015.0
70Dave Hall12.512.5
71Dean Bavister10.010.0
Albert Beard10.010.0
Steve Brookshaw10.010.0
Peter Cooper10.010.0
Sammy Currie10.010.0
Mike Gawthrop10.010.0
John Ingleby10.010.0
Stephen Kershaw5.05.010.0
John Lewis5.05.010.0
Alan Orton10.010.0
John Rees10.010.0
Richard Sandell10.010.0
Clive Scott10.010.0
Martin Shutt10.010.0
Rodney Simms10.010.0
Dave Smith10.010.0
Colin Summers5.05.010.0
Ted Warren5.05.010.0
David Wells5.05.010.0
Michael J. White10.010.0
Ron Whitten5.05.010.0
92Steve Poynton7.57.5
93Terry Azor5.05.0
Dion Baker5.05.0
Steve Best5.05.0
Steve Canniford5.05.0
Mick Challen5.05.0
James Clare5.05.0
Mark Coates5.05.0
Alan Edmonds5.05.0
Jamie Edwards5.05.0
Richie Evans5.05.0
John Hall5.05.0
A. Housley5.05.0
Chris Hudson5.05.0
Mick Johnson5.05.0
Tony Keeling5.05.0
Craig Kell5.05.0
John McEachran5.05.0
O. McGuigan5.05.0
John McIntyre5.05.0
Eddie McNicholas5.05.0
Jackie Miller5.05.0
Chris Mitchell5.05.0
John Mullane5.05.0
Craig Murphy5.05.0
Mark Mytton5.05.0
Peter Ostrowski5.05.0
D. Paterson5.05.0
Alan Raymond5.05.0
Steve Russell5.05.0
Mark Tims5.05.0
Steve Tuck5.05.0
Gareth Wakeford5.05.0
Dick Watts5.05.0
Norman Whaley5.05.0
Harry Willis5.05.0
Lee Wilson5.05.0

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