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David Rees

OBITUARY – David Lambert Rees 10th August 1941- 13th June 2019

David was dedicated to the game of billiards for most of his life but as a young man he played both amateur cricket and football and was a lifelong supporter of his local team Derby County. He is one of a group of cueists now in their seventies or early eighties who could be viewed as the early back bone of the current amateur billiards fraternity.

Before the advent of the EABA and the ABC’s a pro-am circuit had been established and was well supported David was ever present at these and succeeded in winning one, a rare occurrence for an amateur but an indication of how good he was in his prime. He turned professional for a short spell but then reverted back to the amateur game.

Davis won the Derbyshire Billiards Championships thirteen times and was ever present in the Derbyshire County Team. This team some years ago, included both Jim McCann and Herbert Beetham and they were a formidable trio.

International status at both full and senior level was achieved on a regular basis and all Davids opponents knew they were in for a tough game. His knowledge and skill, added to a careful and deliberate style, often tested the patience of those he played, David didn’t worry about this, his aim was to play well and win, and rightly so.

Playing the game is one thing but helping is another and he served his time on the EABA committee and was a generous sponsor. All sports can bring out the best in people but sometimes the worst. David was always the perfect gentleman on and off the table. No tantrums, no complaints, but a calm and non-aggressive acceptance of the outcome. After a day’s play in the hotel bar and during the evening his personality blossomed with an infectious laugh and a lovely dry sense of humor. He will be sadly¬† missed by his friends and teammates.


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