English Amateur Billiards Association

County Team Champions

English County Team Champions

15th November,


Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2014/15Yorkshire (Steve Crossland, Jon Bagley, Matthew Peaker) 2Lincolnshire A (Rob Hall, Chris Taylor, Mick Johnson) 2
2010/11Cornwall A (Chris Mitchell, David White, Charlie Gay)2Cleveland (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)2Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2009/10Lincolnshire (Chris Taylor, Jamie Barker, Rob Hall)2Yorkshire A (Jonathan Bagley, Bob Patterson, Stephen Crosland)1Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2008/09Yorkshire A (Stephen Crosland, Jonathan Bagley, Steve Hardcastle)18Cleveland A (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)14Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2007/08Cleveland (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)944Lincolnshire A (Rob Hall, Chris Taylor, Hugh Pinner)434Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2006/07Cleveland (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)n/rHampshire (John Mullane, Terry Azor, Paul Adams)n/rAtack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2005/06Cleveland (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)686Derbyshire (Jim McCann, David Rees, David Pownall)503Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2004/05Cleveland (Billy Bousfield, Darren Kell, Mark Hatton)799Linclonshire A (Rob Hall, Alan Edmunds, Jamie Green)534Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2003/04Derbyshire (Jim McCann, David Rees, James Bodle)801Norfolk A (Phil Welham, Fos WIlson, Gavin Lewis)456Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2002/03Yorkshire (Stephen Crosland, Richard Lodge, Bob Patterson)767Derbyshire (Colin Routledge, David Rees, Jim McCann)709Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2001/02Cleveland (Mark Hatton, Darren Kell, Lee Lagan)939Norfolk A (Phil Welham, Fos Wilson, David Nichols)615Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton
2000/01Cleveland (Mark Hatton, Darren Kell, Lee Lagan)895Yorkshire (Steve Crosland, Gary Rogers, Richard Lodge)791Newmarket Snooker Club
1999/00Cleveland (Darren Kell, Mark Hatton, Lee Lagan)1050Yorkshire (Gary Rogers, Richard Lodge, Steve Crosland)666Pockets S.C., Kidderminster
1998/99Cleveland A (Paul Bennett, Darren Kell, Lee Lagan)937Norfolk (Phil Welham, Fos Wilson, David Nichols)718Pockets S.C., Kidderminster
1997/98Hemlington (Paul Bennett, Mark Hatton, Lee Lagan)988North East (Ron Whitten, Tony James, Alf Nolan)499The Reardon, Stoke-on-Trent
1996/97Not played? Combined with 1997/98? Confirmation required
1995/96Not played
1994/95Scarborough (Robin Sutcliffe, David Causier, Tony Mackinder)732Newport (Lee Connor, Martin Goodwill, Simon Snee)609Cue Ball Snooker Club, York
1993/94Newport (Lee Connor, Martin Goodwill, Paul Boden)beatWidnes (Trevor Gent, Graham Lloyd, Tony Barton)Score & venue required

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