English Amateur Billiards Association

UK Seniors Championship – 2014

Group Stages
John McIntyre180Clive Everton119
Peter Shelley56190Jim McCann156
David Rees172Graham Guest143
Frank Trainor58211Branson Hoole155
Steve Crossland60 132340Norman Whalley110
Tommy Hunter194Eddie Fielding145
Brian Harvey242Frank Bradley124
Arthur Winn209Jack McLaughlin200
David Sneddon59 57 60396Jamie Wayman160
Tony Clegg308Dave Smith175
Eddie Duggan170Brian Pritchard138
Peter Cooper148Steve Tuck140
Tommy Hunter182Eddie Duggan168
Jack McLaughlin55240Tony Clegg225
Eddie Fielding188Arthur Winn149
John McIntyre207Frank Bradley132
Jamie Wayman259Branson Hoole208
Peter Shelley406Graham Guest95
Norman Whaley58237David Rees159
Clive Everton156Brian Pritchard81
Peter Cooper155David Smith133
Steve Crossland250Frank Trainor161
Brian Harvey315Jim McCann159
David Sneddon310Steve Tuck150
Arthur Winn332Dave Smith92
Frank Trainor234Brian Harvey225
Steve Tuck221Eddie Duggan188
Clive Everton159Peter Cooper99
John McIntyre207Brian Pritchard115
Jamie Wayman50236Graham Guest122
Steve Crossland207Tommy Hunter196
Tony Clegg215Norman Whalley188
Peter Shelley209Eddie Fielding50176
Jack McLaughlin127 89320David Sneddon143
Knockout Stages
Dave Sneddon51249John McIntyre162
Peter Shelley77 50239Frank Trainor176
Last 8
Steve Crossland59233Dave Sneddon184
Jamie Wayman244Tony Clegg212
Jack McLaughlin201Brian Harvey
Peter Shelley65243Arthur Winn65Unf212
Jack McLaughlin76302Steve Crossland73
Peter Shelley273Jamie Wayman157
Peter Shelley338Jack McLaughlin64231
Eddie Fielding184Frank Bradley117
Tommy Hunter203Brian Pritchard110
Last 8
David Rees190Dave Smith129
Tommy Hunter233Eddie Duggan133
Norman Whaley166Jim McCann163
Eddie Fielding247Steve Tuck100
Eddie Fielding174Tommy Hunter149
Norman Whaley198David Rees136
Norman Whaley50 54174Eddie Fielding130

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