English Amateur Billiards Association

Breaks 2014-15 ABC/Am

Edits started Feb 2015 – not yet complete. 50+ breaks only

Rob Hall: 55,70,52,68,163,208,100,77,67,208,60,108,152,50,71,55,94,106,

Brian Harvey: 125,72,55

David Rees: 53,52

John Mullane: 204,107,

Chris Taylor: 87,60,79unf,56,65,61,59,72unf,131,52unf,102,74,159,51,

Darren Kell: 157,78,66,60,105,78,96,50unf,87,66,70,56,105,

Steve Crossland: 60,77,62,65,51

Jim McCann: 60,58,60,65unf,

Mark Graham: 71,79,

Peter Shelley: 58,54,52

Alan Scott: 154,77,71,58

Mark Hatton: 107,78,78,50,53,56,94,

Jamie Wayman: 66,78,

Chris Wakelin: 54,64

Martin Goodwill: 87,162,165,51,91,77

Nigel Hackett: 56

Adam Clarke: 58,56,54

Steve Bradshaw: 51

Gary Norman: 50,65

Matt Lyon: 50

Dean Manders: 50

Jack McLaughlin: 61,72,105,67,

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