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Had a great day at the  Short Format held in The Atack Club ,Nuneaton.

Left on Sunday morming at 6.0am an got back home on Monday morning 12 .45 am,

We watched a final to be remembered between Rob  Hall & Chis Taylor, Rob won the first game to 62 and then went on to win the second to 77, A big mistake to think that Chris was finished because he hit Rob with71 break to tmake it 2–1 and then nip and tuck clinched the fourth game  2–2.

Final game of the final  Chris kicks off with a 59 but came back & won the final with a 71.

The early rounds had some great games as well with Eddie Fielding beating the Grand Masters Champ 3–2 and to go into the semi’s only to be beaten by the ever improving Steve Bradshaw.

Rob Hall beat Dave Nichols & Chris Taylor beat Steve Bradshaw in the semi’s

Chris Mitchell won the very strongly contested Plate beating Tony Clegg in the final.

A big thank you to the Atack Club  for all their support.


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Rankings Updated 

The Rankings after all 6 ABC events have now been updated. This put’s Rob Hall back in the lead with a small 15 point lead over Darren Kell. It looks like its going to be down to the results from the English Amateur to decide on our winner for this year with both players still in the Amateur last 16.


The Grand Masters

Atack Club.   Nuneaton

2nd March 2014  10–10.30 am

The Last Sixteen  Qualifiers for the Grand Masters

Charlie Gay–Brian Harvey–Terry Azor–Trevor Thorn–Peter Shelley–Eddie Fielding

Steve Crosland–Terry Ward–Tony Clegg–Bob Patterson–Jim Mc Cann

Jack Headley–Ron Agnew–Arthur Winn–Bem French–Jamie Wayman.

Best of luck to all.


Steve Crosland   Beat  Bob Patterson  278—149

Jack Headley      Beat Mick Johnson   242—182

Peter Shelley      Beat  Jamie Wayman 272–241

Tony Clegg         Beat  Jim Mc Cann      232—201


J.Headley          Beat   S. Crosland    269–216

P. Shelley          Beat  T. Clegg            303–159


Peter Shelley    Beats  Jack Headley     426—290

Congratulations to Peter on a very fine effort

High Break was Steve Crosland    145

Thanks to the Atack Club  for a great day.


The rankings have now been updated with the latest ABC results and at this stage its close at the top with Darren Kell Leading Rob Hall by 10 points. There is now a bit of a gap between the chasing pack with Phil Mumford in third and Eddie Duggan in joint 4th with Chris Mitchell. Click Here

Well done to Darren Kell on winning the latest ABC, in a fairly close match. Well done to Steve Crosland who struck good form in defeating Rob Hall on his way to the final. In the plate steady Eddie Duggan defeated Chris Taylor and seems to be our plate specialist at the moment.

There is a small video of the plate final in our video section the quality is not great but worth a watch.

The Fifth ABC results are now available Here

The draw for the next rounds of the English Amateur have now been done they are as follows:

EABA – English Amateur Championship  2013/2014 – Regional Draw – Drawn 7.1.14

Matches to be played Sun 2nd Feb 2014 at venues listed below

South  – Marchwood

Group A                                               Group B

M Goodwill                                       T Azor

J Hedley  (withdrawn)

B.Harvey  (best loser)                  J Mullane

S Brookshaw                                     G Lingard(Withdrawn)

C.Coumbe (Best loser)

J Goodwin                                          C Mitchell


East – Cambridge


Group A                                             Group B

P Welham                                          M White

M Hill                                                 M Sutton

P Mumford                                        A Winn

L Hare                                                R Barrett


North – Bradford

Group A             Group B                     Group C                     Group D

M Graham         M Hatton                  J Bagley                      D Kell

P Shelley            R Hall                         M Peaker                   E Fielding

A Clegg                A Clark                      G Brassington           C Taylor

T Ward               B Bousfield                J McCann                  E Duggan


Congratulations to all qualifiers and the best of luck for the next round

Qualifiers from each group to go through to next round played at

The North East Derbyshire Club – Clay Cross – Derbyshire

on Sat/Sun 22nd/23rd Feb 2014

Present at the draw:   J McCann   S Crosland   T Godolphin   C Lewis   D Townend   C Scott   D Rees

The last eight  players in this years Amateur Championships again put up some wonderful performances to try and get to the coverted possition of the semi’s for the Darley Dale venue.

Phil Weham and Chris Taylor had a ding dong battle with Chris in front for most of the game until Phil went 101 in front  with Chris coming back at him and on 100 had a cover that put an end to his break and the game whith Phil getting another  shot to win by 5.

In the second bout we saw Martin Goodwill had a break of 172  in the second session to go ahead of Rob Hall in what was a very close game but Rob came back and just before the bell had a 95 to clinch the game.

The third  saw John Mullane and Chris Mitchell in battle but Chris had no answer to Johns  8  breaks in the first session and a further 6 breaks in the next.

The last of our fighting duo games saw Phil Mumford defeat Matt Sutton in what was  a very  tactful game  with both players making 100+ breaks but with Phil coming out on top.

A big thank you to the Clay Cross Club for some lovelly tables and some great food.

The Draw for the semi’s was , made by Paul Wood a great supporter of Billiards

John Mullane  to play  Rob Hall

Phil Mumford  to play Phil Welham.


Rob Hall

Congratulations go to Rob this week ,A massive breakthrough in a league match  he scored a 261–a 498–and a 241 unfinished .

3 visits incredible 200 up league Rob is -800

Well done.

The rankings have now been updated with the latest ABC results and at this stage its close at the top with Rob Hall and Darren Kell leading the way on 90 points. Eddie Duggan is currently having a great run and is in 7th place.

The End of year members draw took place at the last ABC at Nuneaton the Winners were as follows:

1st. prize £150    Exeter & District Billiards & Snooker League
2nd. prize £100   Avril Cooper
3rd.  prize £50     John Richmond
Congratulations and thanks for all your support.

ENGLISH AMATEUR         REGIONALS The Draw for the English Amateur has been made with some very interesting groups. North East/Teeside————–LEEDS Group 1. B.Bousfield–M.Graham–R.Patterson.C.Lewis. Group 2. A.Clegg–J.Bagley–D.Rees–B.Hoole Group 3. D.Peaker–A.Clarke–J.Mc Cann–R.Lodge Group4. S.Kershaw–T.Ward–S.Crosland–M.Hatton Group5 .T.Godolphin–J.Marwood–D.Kell–M.Peaker QUALIFIERS     B.Bousfield–M.Graham–J.Bagley–A.Clegg–J.Mc Cann–A.Clarke M.Hatton–T.Ward–D.Kell–M.Peaker South East—————Cambridge Group1. L.O’Hare–D.Smith–M.Sutton–B.Rix. Group2. M.Hill–J.Wayman–A.Winn–J.Easter Group3. R.Hall–C.Taylor–C.Cator–M.Lyon Group4. J.Hoad–P.Mumford–K.Pond–B.French Group5. D.Bentinck–P.Welham–G.Towers–M.White QUALIFIERS  M.Sutton–L.Hare–A.Winn–M.Hill–R.Hall–C.Taylor– P.Mumford–P.Welham–M.White South ——————–Marchwood Group1. T.Azor–M.lott–R.Barrett–A.Dadswell Group2. C.Ayres–B.Harvey–M.Thatcher–J.Goodwin Group3. S.Roberts–J.Mullane–J.Headley–T.Thorn QUALIFIERS   R.Barrett.–T.Azor–J.Goodwin–J.Mullane–J.Headley South West—————–Plymouth Group1. C.Coombe–G.Lingard–S.Brookshaw–D.Walker Group2. C.Mitchell–B.Andress–P.Davies–M.Goodwill QUALIFIERS    S.Brookshaw–G.Lingard–C.Mitchell–M.Goodwill North West—————Chester Group1. P.Shelley—N.Routledge–E.Duggan–S.Bradshaw Group2. G.Brassington–A.Cooke–C.Everton–E.Fielding QUALIFIERS   E.Fielding–G.Brassington–P.Shelley–E.Duggan ——————————————————————— GRAND MASTERS    REGIONALS Sunday 1st December 2013 The Draw for the Grand masters and Qualifiers North East                     ————– Group1. D.Peaker—-S.Kershaw–S.Crosland–R.Lodge Group2. T.Ward—P.Devitt—J.Mc Cann—J.Mc Keakran Group3. C.Lewis–R.Patterson—B.Hoole Group4. A.Clegg–T.Godolphin–D.Rees–R.Simms Qual–Steve Crosland—Terry Ward—-Bob Patterson–Tony Clegg Best loser Jim Mc Cann. North West  ————————Chester Group1. F.Bradley–J.Smith–P.Shelley–E.Duggan Group2. C.Everton—E.Fielding–N.Routledge–D.Marr Qual–Peter Shelley—(Norman Routledge unable to attend) Eddie Fielding Best Loser South East—————————Cambridge Group1. .Ayres–P.Johnson–J.Headley–J.Wayman Group2. R.Agnew–M.Hill–T.Maynard Group3. D.Bentinck–M.Johnston–A.Winn–D.Smith Group4. A.Elvin–B.French–B.Rix–A.Cheetham Qual—Jack Headley–Ron Agnew–Arthur Winn–Bem French. Best Loser Jamie Wayman. South West————————Plymouth Group1. C.Gay–C.Mitchell—B.Andress Group2. G.Lingard—-B.Harvey—-D.Walker Qual–Charlie Gay—Brian Harvey. South——————————Marchwood Group1. M.Thatcher—T.Azor–R.Barrett Group2. T.Thorn–J.Hoad–G.Jones Qual–Terry Azor–Trevor Thorn. ——————————————-

Mike Billinge

As we all know Mike Billinge Died last week after a long illness,He will be a great loss to the game of Billiards as he stood out as one of our finest Referees, always willing to help us lesser reff’s out when required, He showed me once the house that he was born in in Darley Dale,Seems fitting that a Master should be brought up near the home of The Masters eh? A funeral service will be held at Chudleigh Church, Chudleigh ,Devon( TQ130HX ) at 12 noon ,Thursday 15th August 2013 . Tom H

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