English Amateur Billiards Association

ABC # 4 2014/15 Fareham

Last 32
Eddie Fielding215Jamie Wayman110
Martin Goodwill53,88,100391Dale Schofield127
Jason Goodwin261Nigel Ward129
Steve Roberts222Gaye Jones107
Bill Andress249Tony French180
Arthur Winn292Chris Ellis77
Steve Crossland60247David Rees50148
Joe Graham231Emma Bonney209
Chris Taylor64258Martin Phillips134
Jason Alford192Matt Clarke146
Chris Mitchell363Terry Azor127
Mick Kunzi144Peter Johnson126
Brian Harvey75266Richard Barrett233
Last 16
Martin Goodwill77, 58unf292Eddie Fielding108
Jason Goodwin259Steve Roberts185
Arthur Winn237Bill Andress190
Steve Crossland194Joe Graham167
Chris Taylor77247Jason Alford126
Chris Mitchell287Mick Kunzi142
Rob Hall113397Brian Harvey155
John Mullane91,85450Ron Agnew80
Last 8
Rob Hall348499John Mullane127
Chris Taylor302Chris Mitchell173
Martin Goodwill84,66292Jason Goodwin98
Steve Crossland72249Arthur Winn172
Rob Hall282,73,78577Chris Taylor103
Martin Goodwill122,58298Steve Crossland170
Rob Hall132, 194370Martin Goodwill64179
Plate (1 hour)
Nigel Wardbye
Chris Ellis189Martin Phillips130
Emma Bonney181Matt Clarke159
Dale Schofield220Ron Agnew198
Richard Barrett281Jamie Wayman51251
David Rees179Phil Johnson113
Terry Azor266Gaye Jones116
Tony Frenchbye
Last 8
Nigel Ward284Chris Ellis122
Emma Bonney74215Dale Schofield208
David Rees228Richard Barrett218
Terry Azor253Tony French140
Terry Azor108,50344David Rees105
Emma Bonney254Nigel Ward190
Terry Azor208Emma Bonney208

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