English Amateur Billiards Association

Whitworth Masters 2013

Chris Taylor 70,86,67399Steve Crosland 56190
Chris Taylor 68,79219Rob Hall 174216
Chris Mitchell 52,93281Chris Taylor 58196
Rob Hall 225,81,57425Steve Crosland 66167
Rob Hall 198,96364Chris Mitchell  193
Steve Crosland 64321Chris Mitchell  136
Billy Bousfield 141,66,73,88519Bill Andress  44
Billy Bousfield 112,104,68,53444Mark Graham  105
Billy Bousfield 88,71297Eddie Fielding  166
Mark Graham 56190Eddie Fielding  144
Mark Graham  284Bill Andress  173
Eddie Fielding  207Bill Andress 54200
Winners   Runners Up   
Rob Hall A Chris Taylor A 
Billy Bousfield B Mark Graham B 
Semi Finals       
Rob Hall  58,126,106,60,64554Mark Graham  144
Chris Taylor 59,73334Billy Bousfield 89,54326
Rob Hall 187,77,114,73,97,88736Chris Taylor 76275

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