English Amateur Billiards Association

Under 19 Champions

English Under-19 Champions

2019Nathan Boughen205-158Harley Dyson
2018Nathan Boughen150-139Harley Dyson
2017Harry Cobbold167–110Nathan Boughen
2016Jack Easter238–120Nathan Boughen
2015Mathew Lyon313-163Jack Easter
2014Mathew Lyon276-131Ryan Jackson
2013George Pragnall386-221Sam Betts
2012Aaron Hatton261–158Jonathan Snee
2011Aaron Hatton211-204Jonathan Snee
2010Aaron Hatton230-182Finley Lang
2009Darren Cook464–323Johnathon Buglass
2008Ryan Clark503-264Bruce Welham
2007Dominic Mulhall588-361Steven Kerr
2006Dominic Mulhall666-281Darren Cook
2005Dominic Mulhall353-320Jamie Edwards
2004Billy Bousfield399-220Michael Donnelly
2003Dominic Mulhall270-210Jamie Edwards
2002Robin Wilson456-158Peter Gamblin
2001Robin Wilson354-193Jimmy Chambers
2000Robin Wilson399-188Martin Shutt
1999Matthew Sutton293-129Jimmy Chambers
1998Robin Wilson343-223Matthew Sutton
1997Robin Wilson359-244Matt Willard
1996Chris Shutt503-208Chris Brunskill
1995Chris Shutt417-188Chris Brunskill
1994Lee Lagan317-225Michael Westthorpe
1993Michael Westthorpe417-276Peter Sheehan
1992Lee Lagan361-241David Zagaroli
1991David Causier320-285Lee Lagan
1990Mike Dunn363-131Shaun Golightly
1989Glen Cromack304-202Michael Leach
1988Mike Stocks218-203Nick Hayward
1987Mike Russell395-166Peter Gilchrist
1986Mike Russell428-279Dave |Finbow
1985Stephen Naisby306-181Peter Gilchrist
1984Stephen Naisby308-181Simon Snee
1983Stephen Naisby328-228Stephen Walker
1982Robert Marshall296-239Kevin Walsh
1981Shaun Hawkins264-166Mark Heller
1980Geoff Charville216-187Martin Goodwill
1979Mick Garvey237-192Paul McGowan
1978Ian Williamson328-105John Barnes
1977Ian Williamson289-133John Barnes
1976Steve Davis435-259Ian Williamson
1975Eugene Hughes440-325Ian Williamson
1974Trevor Wells414-285Denis Rothwell
1973Willie Thorne598-566Peter Edworthy
1972Willie Thorne497-240Clive Palmer
1971Willie ThorneRussell Toombes
1970John TerryW Blake
1969Dave Burgess501-436John Terry
1968Dennis TaylorDave Burgess
1967No Contest
1966No Contest
1965No Contest
1964No Contest
1963Tony Matthews572-323Michael McCann
1962Tony Matthews485-395Dennis Rhodes
1961Paddy Morgan538-357Tony Matthews
1960David Bend468-408Colin Davies
1959Paddy Morgan446-321Peter Shelley
1958Christopher Marks414-351Colin Dean
1957Colin Myers381-306Colin Dean
1956Clive Everton429-277Granville Hampson
1955Donald Scott538-360Clive Everton
1954Mark WildmanDonald Scott
1953Mark WildmanEmlyn Parry
1952John Sinclair442-363Brian Simpson
1951Rex Williams751-270Jack Carney
1950Rex WilliamsJack Carney
1949George Toner500-298Ron Gross

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