English Amateur Billiards Association

Under 16 Champions

English Under-16 Champions

2019Finlay Brown247-107William Chambers
2018Callum Wilson-West177-141Finley Brown
2017Finley Brown162-107Callum Wilson-West
2016Nathan Boughen130–88Merlin Knight
2015Reggie Edwards232-97Tony Hacket
2014Jack Easter183-136Callum Lawlor
2013James Eyre196-151Jack Easter
2012Sam Betts200–181Adam Stewart
2011Aaron Hatton211-204Jonathon Snee
2010Aaron Hatton230-182Finley Laing
2009Aaron Hatton313–226Ben Wanley
2008Ryan Clark690-224Michael Williams
2007James Halpin351-331Ryan Clark
2006Darren Cook435-325James Halpin
2005Darren Cook315-277Ricky Easter
2004Dominic Mulhall289-199Ross McDonald
2003Jamie Edwards253-181Callum Robinson
2002Michael Donnelly406-226Daniel Dobbs
2001Peter Gamblin300-163Danny Beagrie
2000Peter Gamblin254-164Billy Bousfield
1999Robin Wilson450-175Allan Taylor
1998Matthew Sutton319-196Robin Wilson
1997Robin Wilson313-235Martin Shutt
1996Dean Bavister213-152Robin Wilson
1995Chris Brunskill274-155Robin Wilson
1994Alan Scott279-211Previn Shukle
1993Chris Shutt501-128Phil Johnson
1992No Contest
1991Michael Westthorp364-189Peter Sheehan
1990Lee Lagan310-152D Lewis
1989Lee Cuthbert319-235David Causier
1988Sacha Journettn/sDaniel Bewick
1987Rod Lawlor342-190Paul Boden
1986Lee Connor290-208Paul Roulston
1985Mike Russell464-111N. Prior
1984Chris Rowntree286-257Jon Birch
1983Peter Gilchrist230-175Simon Snee
1982Stephen Naisby307-164Robert Williamson
1981David Presgrave197-170Ian Marks
1980Kevin Walsh197-165Paul Jones
1979Tony Pyle200-147Kevin Walsh
1978Kevin Walsh234-142Danny Adds
1977David Bonney263-156Ged Calvey
1976David Bonney291-192Keith Martin
1975Steve McNamara369-306John Barnes
1974Peter Allen340-177Clint Houlihan
1973Trevor Wells577-316Dennis Rothwell
1972Peter Bardsley365-260Dennis Rothwell
1971Peter BardsleyN Fairall
1970Willie ThornePeter Bardsley
1969Peter BardsleyC Boden
1968Christopher Williamson299-238David Ross
1967No Contest
1966No Contest
1965No Contest
1964No Contest
1963No Contest
1962No Contest
1961No Contest
1960 DecBernard Whitehead400-205Keith Richardson
1960 JanTony Matthews400-160R. Tumman
1959No Contest
1958 JanPatrick Morgan400-260David Bend
1955 DecColin Dean400-360Alan Gadsden
1955 JanDavid Deakes400-331G Waite
1954 JanHenry Burns400-300David Deakes
1953 JanClive Everton400-197Jack Lambert
1951 DecMarkham Wildman400-355John Burgess
1950 DecEmlyn Parry400-383Marcus Owen
1949 DecMarcus Owen400-152Michael Leydon
1948 DecRex WilliamsMichael Leydon
1947 DecRex WilliamsJ. Carney
1946No Contest
1945No Contest
1944No Contest
1943No Contest
1942No Contest
1941No Contest
1940Barrie Smith (Later John Barrie)
1939Richie Smith
1938No Contest
1937D. CursonW. Milburn
1936Donald Cruikshank750-647Harry Stokes
1935 DecDonald Cruikshank750-618Harry Stokes
1934 DecDonald Cruikshank750-568Ronald Ballard
1934 MayRonald Ballard300-239G Sparks
1933 DecWillie Swinhoe750-739Donald Cruikshank
1932 DecJack Wright750-
1931 DecDennis Hawkes750-Willie Swinhoe
1931 JanCharles DesbottlesTerence Steeples
1929 DecHarold Bennett750-452W H Dennis
1928 DecFred Davis750-529Harold Bennett
1928 AprRobert Bennett750-559Jack Forrester
1926 DecReggie Gartland750-282Robert Bennett
1925 DecReggie GartlandSydney Lee
1925 AprSydney Lee700-George Cooper
Details1924 AprLaurie SteeplesGeorge Cooper
Details1923 AprWillie Leigh600-482Frank Edwards
Details1922 JunWalter Donaldson1000-686H Renaut

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