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CIU Individual Billiards 2004/05

First Round

Completion date: 19th October 2004

An entry of 32 players for the CIU National Billiards Championship was the largest for many years, giving encouragement to the organisers that the recent downward trend can be reversed with a little effort to advertise the event amongst the billiards-playing community.

The opening round saw some interesting matches, not least of which was the return of Martin Goodwill, who won this championship over five consecutive years from 1991-95 before his work took him overseas. His return to the competition this year pitted him against Dave Burgess, who is one of the best players in the Southern region, and the match was therefore keenly anticipated. Goodwill started the game strongly, breaks of 101 and 95 giving him a substantial early lead. Although Burgess fought back to gradually reduce the deficit, he could not quite come to terms as Goodwill completed his 500 points with Burgess still 85 in arrears.

Also showing fine form in the Southern matches was Swaffham’s Phil Welham, who overwhelmed Mark Tims with breaks of 102, 82, 61 and 50 to win by a decisive 500-82 margin. On current form, Phil has every chance to improve on his previous best placing as semi-finalist in this competition.

In the North, Darren Kell (Middlesbrough) made a winning return, having decided not to enter last year after a disappointing performance against Jack Hedley in the 2003 final. Playing against that experienced campaigner John Sinclair (Ashington) he put together a run of 128, the highest of the event so far. Adding additional breaks of 78 and 73 unfinished, he demonstrated that the lay-off has not adversely affected his form, cruising to a 500-123 victory. The only other century break in the first round came from 72 year-old Tony James (North Shields) who made 101 in his victory over Newcastle’s Andrew Cherry, continuing his role as an inspiration for the older generation of billiard players.

Peter Ainsworth
First Round Results

(Home players shown first)

Phil Welham
(Swaffham Ex-Servicemens Club)
102, 82, 61, 50
500Mark Tims
(Hunstanton United SC)
Jack Hedley
(Maidenhead Ivy Leaf)
500Phil Davis
(Chippenham West End)
Martin Goodwill
(Chippenham West End)
101, 95, 51
500Dave Burgess
(Sarisbury Green SC)
Phil Mumford
(Cambridge WMC)
500Ivan Stevenage
(Swanley Junction WMC)
G. Hope
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers Club)
305John Ingleby
(Bradley & Colne Bridge Club)
F. Griffin
(Bradley & Colne Bridge Club)
500A. Mellor
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers Club)
Rob Hall
(Monks Road WMC)
500Branson Hoole
(Doncaster TUC)
Wally Reed
(Doncaster TUC)
347Dean Manders
(Monks Road WMC)
Phil Johnson
(Monks Road WMC)
w/oJ. Ford
(Broad Oak WMC)
Brian Watson
(Bradley & Colne Bridge Club)
295Lawrence Torn
(Doncaster TUC)
Julian Hodge
(Broad Oak WMC)
500Mark Graham
(Stockton Blytholme)
Tony Mackinder
(Stockton Blytholme)
500Peter Reeve
(Acklam Garden City)
Alf Nolan
(Western SC)
356Simon Snee
(Stockton Blytholme)
Billy Bousfield
(Stockton Blytholme)
w/oJohn Hartley
(Newtown SC)
Darren Kell
(Acklam Garden City)
128, 78, 73unf.
500John Sinclair
(Northern SC)
Tony James
(Throckley Union Jack)
500Andrew Cherry
(High Howdon SC)

Second Round

Completion date: 23rd November 2004

In the second round of the CIU Billiards Championship, the pick of the matches were to be found in the southern area. Phil Welham’s journey from Swaffham to Cambridge was rewarded with an impressive 500-298 victory over Phil Mumford, but perhaps the most notable performance came from reigning champion Jack Hedley. Having won the title on the last two occasions, victory this season will see the imposing CIU trophy become his personal property, but he faced a severe test in Martin Goodwill, especially with the latter having home table advantage. Nevertheless, Hedley rose to the challenge, and with breaks of 122 (the highest of the round), 65 and 57, produced one of his best results by winning 500-314.

In the North, Simon Snee (Middlesbrough), who was runner-up to Hedley last year, kept on course for another final show-down with a 500-346 result over Tony James (South Shields), whilst Tony Mackinder, who was 1999 champion, struggled to a narrow 34 point win against Julian Hodge in Huddersfield. Darren Kell volunteered to give up home advantage, describing his table at the Acklam club as appearing to have just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq! However, Kell’s short trip across Middlesbrough to the Stockton Blytholme club proved fruitful enough, as with breaks of 84 and 55 unfinished, he defeated Billy Bousfield by a 167 point margin.

Peter Ainsworth
Second Round Results

(Home players shown first)

Phil Mumford298Phil Welham
68, 54
Martin Goodwill314Jack Hedley
122, 65, 57
John Ingleby423Phil Johnson500
Dean Manders500F. Griffin168
Lawrence Torn414Rob Hall500
Julian Hodge466Tony Mackinder500
Simon Snee500Tony James346
Billy Bousfield333Darren Kell
84, 55unf


Phil Welham set the new high-break target for the CIU Billiards Championship with a run of 184 unfinished in his quarter-final win over Phil Johnson. His opponent in the semi-finals will be reigning champion, Jack Hedley, who was untroubled by Lincoln’s Dean Manders, winning 500-190 on his home table at the Ivy Leaf club in Maidenhead.

Although the Lincoln club of Monks Road WM managed to produce three of the quarter-finalists, none could manage to progress beyond this round, as their third representative, Rob Hall, was also defeated by Middlesbrough’s Simon Snee.

Tony Mackinder filled the last semi-final place with a victory over twice CIU champion, Darren Kell. In a dour match, patient spectators were eventually rewarded by a fine unfinished break of 107 by the winner.

Peter Ainsworth
Quarter-final Results

(Home players shown first)

Jack Hedley
(Maidenhead Ivy Leaf)
71, 51unf
500D. Manners
(Monks Road W M)
Phillip Welham
(Swaffham Ex servicemen’s)
51, 98, 184unf
500Phil Johnson
(Monks Road W M)
Robert Hall
(Monks Road W M)
354Simon Snee
(Blytholme Club)
Tony Mackinder
(Blytholme Club)
500Darren Kell
(Acklam Garden City Social)


Played at the Dorman Long Athletic Club, Middlesbrough, on Saturday 5th March 2005 at 2.00pm :
Simon Snee
74, 71, 54, 54
612(12.0)Tony Mackinder

L-R: Tony Mackinder, Vera Selby (Referee), Simon Snee
Played at Russell Park WMC, Bedford on Saturday 12th March 2005 at 2.00pm :
Phillip Welham
80, 62, 63, 51, 58, 173, 187
1,074Jack Hedley
58, 50


Played at the Doncaster Trades & Labour Club on Saturday 14th May 2005
L-R: Simon Snee, Bob Slee (referee) and Phillip Welham
Phillip Welham
109, 63, 58, 58, 56, 53, 52, 50, 50
994(17.4)Simon Snee
100, 52

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