English Amateur Billiards Association

Most breaks


Highest Breaks

1Mumford, Phil4416719515437400
2Bousfield, Billy4918617714629011
3Crosland, Stephen4617115213218200
4Hall, Robert4616414812918100
5Goodwill, Martin16751329239100
6Welham, Phillip3712312511310200
7McCann, Jim4616611410113000
8Shelley, Peter281001069412000
9Sutton, Matthew28105936822210
10Mullane, John30113847113000
11Hatton, Mark2280715912000
12Harvey, Brian309768617000
13Chambers, Jimmy329357507000
14Hartley, John319856533000
15Burgess, David176054459000
16Kell, Darren114749445000
17Rees, David4814443403000
18Mackinder, Tony226841338000
19Dunning, Paul278340400000
20Andress, Bill3810737370000

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