English Amateur Billiards Association

Highest Breaks


Highest Breaks

1430Billy Bousfield2007/08ABC: Leeds
2354Billy Bousfield2008/09ABC: Leeds
3330Matthew Sutton2010/11ABC: Cambridge
4302Robert Hall2011/12ABC: Cambridge
5264Phil Mumford2006/07ABC: Leeds
6256Phillip Welham2009/10ABC: Cambridge
7255Jonathan Bagley2008/09ABC: Leeds
8230Billy Bousfield2011/12ABC: Leeds
9229Phil Mumford2009/10ABC: Cambridge
10227Matthew Sutton2009/10ABC: Cambridge
11225Phil Mumford2006/07ABC: Cambridge
12219Phillip Welham2009/10ABC: Leeds
13216Robert Hall2008/09ABC: Birmingham
14212Stephen Crosland2002/03ABC: Stoke
15210 unfMatthew Sutton2010/11ABC: Cambridge
16208Rob Marshall2010/11ABC: Cambridge
17207Martin Goodwill2007/08ABC: Birmingham
18206Matthew Sutton2006/07ABC: Leeds
19205Phil Mumford2008/09ABC: Cambridge
19205Matthew Sutton2010/11ABC: Cambridge
21204Stephen Crosland2003/04ABC: Derby
22199Denis Marr2007/08ABC: Leeds

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