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English Amateur Billiards Association International Selection Policy

This document was discussed and adopted by the EABA management committee meeting held on 17th June 2008 and modified on 20th October 2009.

The EABA believes that selection to represent one’s country should be an honour and a privilege and should be given ‘top priority status’.


Annually there are two established full international events plus one junior international and one senior  international.
Full Internationals: ‘The Four Nations’ (November); the ’Friendly Cup’ (January) Team of 8 based on best 5 ABC the English Amateur and the English Match-play (Short Format).Players selected and invited to play for England will be notified prior to each international. The top eight
(8) ranked players will be given first consideration for selection followed by ‘numerical order options’ from the full ranking list. A top eight position is not a guarantee for selection. For example, someone displaying poor sportsmanship or inappropriate behaviour must surely expect selection to be jeopardised. International players are expected to be ambassadors for their country and their sport. Also a player
declining invitation on one occasion may also jeopardise future selection unless the invitation was in the context of reserve/substitute
The Association recognises that circumstances will occur leading to non-acceptance or withdrawal. e.g. illness, bereavement and work related commitments, in the context of courses interviews and qualifications, which tend to be fixed and inflexible.The EABA also recognises that there may be some less tangible grey areas leading to a player’s unavailability, and value judgements may have to be made when future selection is considered.The Association also recognises the right of every player to prioritise his/her playing calendar.The EABA’s stance on priorities is stated clearly in the opening sentence.Junior Internationals(Kingsman Cup); Team of four (4) based on junior ranking list.Senior International
Team of nine (9) with eight from senior ranking list (best of 5 ABC’s, plus Grand-Masters) and one wild-card chosen at the discretion of the management committee.

The EABA may be requested to nominate players to represent their country in individual championships, i.e. IBSF and European tournaments. Normally top-ranked players only will be nominated for these events and the number requested may vary. The EABA recognises that such events may involve enormous logistical/financial considerations and hence anyone declining would not be penalised.
This is an invitation weekend event involving playing on Saturday and possibly Sunday and including a Saturday evening social gathering. Invited players are expected to participate fully. The EABA reserves the right to invite players annually and not to be governed by rankings.

Other occasional internationals/tours may be organised on a one-off basis. Selection for these will follow the same principles as already outlined, but the E.A.B.A recognises the extra burden on time and budget for any individual and unavailability would not jeopardise selection for established events.Every player invited to participate in an event will be given a deadline date by which to respond. No response will be interpreted as ‘declining the invitation’ and a replacement will be found.


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