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Andrew Grice


In May 2006 I was invited to play in the Austrian Billiards Open Classic in Vienna. The event stood out for two reasons – not only was it the most spectacular Billiards event I have ever been fortunate enough to compete in, but I met a visionary man who was to become not only a fellow lover of our beautiful game, but a loyal and close friend.

Andrew Grice was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire on 25th August 1953, the son of a UK citizen and an Austrian mother. After spending part of his life in Thailand, he returned to Austria in 1990 where he became involved in the Snooker and Billiards scene. A car mechanic by profession, Andrew spent recent years working on design and editorial work. Having played Snooker in Thailand, he continued to do so until introduced to the three ball game by his good friend Michael Kreuziger in 2002.

Since that time he has become synonymous with Austrian Billiards as a player, supporter, promoter, official and ambassador.

Andrew passed away suddenly on Thursday 27th March. In the words of his fellow countrymen, he will leave a huge void to be filled. Already responsible for the formation of the EBOS series, Andrew was actively involved in Austria being welcomed into the ‘4 Nations’ tournament. He was currently working on Junior 4 Nations which must come together in his memory. Later in the year he was working on a plan to stage the Austrian Billiards Open 2008 in Wels in conjunction with the IBSF, EBOS & EABA.

I personally acknowledge Andrew for his friendship both on and off the table. I will always recall tremendous times spent in his company in Austria, Ireland and England and was honoured to have done some ‘proof reading’ for his most recent book.

God bless Andrew – everyone you met through the game you grew to love, will mourn your passing but give thanks for the opportunity to have known you.

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