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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : July, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : July, 1912

The Propulsive Power of “Top.”

This can be proved in many ways. If a ball be placed at
a certain angle with the cushions and struck with both
force and top it will leap over the cushion and on to the
floor. In further application of this principle, it will be
found that a ball struck hard and a little fuller than halfball
against an object ball lying against a cushion will leave
the cushion with the shock but quickly return to it, and
even repeat the action several times in ricochet fashion.

To experiment with this shot place the red and white
balls against the top cushion in a line with the baulk corner
spots. Play hard half-ball from one of the baulk spots upon
the ball in line with such spot, and use plenty of top. If
striking the side of the ball nearest to the pocket the cueball
may swerve into that pocket, but if striking it on the
other side it may either swerve on to the cannon ball, or,
missing it, swerve again and enter the farther corner pocket.

Or, if the cannon ball be removed a few inches down
the table and the nearer pocket be again tried for, the cueball
may miss that pocket by striking the cushion below it
and then run across the table and make the cannon. It is
even possible—and fairly easy to a good player—to place an
object ball a foot above a middle pocket against the
cushion; to strike a fullish half-ball with top and force; and
to land the cue ball with a rush into the middle pocket, on
to a cannon ball below the pocket, or into the bottom corner
pocket on the same side of the table. These are not to be
regarded altogether as fancy shots. At times there may
be nothing else on and a really good player would bring
them off three times out of six.

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