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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : January, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : January, 1912

The Ideal Billiard Room

(From The Sporting Life, Dec. 22, 1911)
Photo of Billiard Room (21k)

The Georgian Room at Soho Square

A year ago, in the showrooms of Messrs. Burroughes
and Watts in Soho Square, there were rows of magnificent
billiard tables and their accessories, beautiful specimens
of their kind; but the surroundings had no especial
distinction. All that has been altered now. The visitor is
shown through a series of model billiard rooms, each only
large enough to contain one table, and each fitted with
impressive elegance. They are billiard rooms de luxe, the
high art of billiard furnishing. Designed as they are in
accordance with various” periods,” every detail is in perfect
harmony with the basic schemes of colour and decoration.

And they are so rich, and withal so cosy, that you
long to linger there. To play in a room fitted as any one
of them is fitted you feel would be to show 50 per cent.

above your normal form. You are conscious of the perfect
billiard environment.

First is the Georgian room, with its restful white walls,
its deeply coffered ceiling, its typical Georgian grate and
fender, with an old oil-painting above the carved mantelpiece,
and with the panelled legs of the table richly carved.

The pendant is of gold and red, and a cosy and inviting
alcove contains seats of Georgian design in rich damask.

Rut just as you have made up your mind that you have
seen at last the ideal billiard-room and have vowed to build
one exactly like it when you take that country house you
have had so long in mind, you find yourself ushered into
the Jacobean room, which is equally desirable in its entirely
different way. The walls are of oak panelling from floor to
ceiling, and are replicas of the Jacobean panelling found
in the Old Bow and Bromley Palace, the originals of which
are in the South Kensington Museum. The table, which
is of oak relieved by ebony panels is fitted with a foot rail.

typical of the period; the furniture is modelled upon the
original Jacobean furniture at Noel Park; and the pendant
is of armoured steel. A charming old-world room it is,
but with up-to-date pockets and marking board in cabinet.

Your ideas of what is best—of how you would choose
your own billiard room to be fitted—are still further bewildered
when you step into the Adam Room, with its scheme
of decoration in accordance with the principles of the
brothers Adam. The eye is again delighted by splendid
examples of the wood carvers’ art. The pendant is worked
in oxidised silver, and the shades are of Wedgewood blue
silk. Copies of Morland’s pictures surround the fluted
walls, and blue Morocco carpets and upholstery complete a
scheme of quiet, restful luxury.

There remains the Modern Room. The walls and ceilings
are panelled in mahogany, and with sporting pictures
hung the room is especially appropriate for a hunting or
shooting box.

It is impossible for anyone to wander through these rooms
without’ coming under the spell of their charm. They are
so cosy, so elegant, so complete. And you realize, perhaps
for the first time, upon seeing it amidst such surroundings
how beautiful a thing a billiard table can be.

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