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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : January, 1912

The Billiard Monthly : January, 1912

Amateurs in a Break Competition

At the conclusion of each afternoon session of the professional
tournament at the Soho Square Salon, the amateurs
who are present amongst the spectators have the opportunity
of competing for the handsome prize of two cues in a
polished wood case, which is awarded weekly to the maker
of the largest break from a set-up position. The red ball
is placed on the billiard spot, the white ball on the centre
spot, and the cue ball near to the left top pocket on the
natural angle line for the cross in-off.

The most recently-declared results have been as follows:—

Eighth Week: Number of competitors, 114. Total score,
905. Average, 7.93. Best breaks: 50, 25, 22, 21.

Ninth Week: Number of competitors, 27. Total score,
189. Average, 7. Best breaks: 27, 17, 14.

Tenth Week: Number of competitors, 39. Total score,
296. Average, 7.58. Best breaks: 25, 22, 17.

Eleventh Week: Number of competitors, 69. Total
score, 490. Average, 7.10. Best breaks: 18, 17, 16.

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