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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : December, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : December, 1911

Billiards Control Club

The General Council of the B.C.C. are entertaining Fred
Lindrum, Junr., the Australian professional billiard champion,
at a complimentary luncheon to be held on the Club
premises on Wednesday, December 13th, at 1 p.m., when
the Rt. Hon. Lord Lonsdale will preside, and Spencer
Gollan. Esq., will be in the vice-chair.

Mr. G. Herbert Nelson has been appointed temporarily
as secretary of the Billiards Control Club up to Christmas
on Mr. H. Pritchard resigning and accepting a seat on
the General Council.

It will interest many billiard players to hear that a set
of rules has been drawn up by the General Council of the
Billiards Control Club (and is at present being printed) of
the game of Voluntary Snooker Pool. These will be the
first official rules of the game published.

The Billiards Control Club is running an Inter-Club
Voluntary Snooker Pool Competition, which commences in
December, for the B.C.C. Voluntary Snooker Pool Challenge
Cup, and the following clubs have entered: Windham
Club (present holders of the B.C.C. Inter-Club Billiard
Championship Challenge Cup), Royal Automobile Club,
National Liberal Club, Isthmian Club, Wellington Club,
Constitutional Club, and the Junior Athenaeum Club.

Harverson states through The Sporting Life that it is a
mistake to award the palm for making the South African
record to Inman. His (Harverson’s) own break of 479.

made against Ferraro at Johannesburg in September, is the
official record for South Africa, he contends, as it was made
on a standard table passed by the B.C.C. whereas his own
400. and Inman’s alleged record were not on passed tables.

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