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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : August, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : August, 1911

Seamen and Billiards

The Atlantic Championship

The billiard players of the R.M.S. Caronia, of the
Cunard Line, won the silver cup emblematic of the Atlantic
championship for the season 1910-11. The league was
organized by the committee of the American Seamen’s
Friends’ Society of New York, the games being played in
the Seamen’s Institute, New York. The competition consisted
of a series of nine matches, the Caronia’s team winning
every one, making a total of 7,620 points. The
Anchor s.s. California was second with eight wins and one
loss, with a total of 7,125 points. The Caronia’s players
were G. Newall (captain), J. Davies, G. Robinson, J.

McClure, E. Gill, and W. Griffiths.

The presentation of the cup took place during the ship’s
last visit to New York at an entertainment given by the
Caronia Concert Party; each player also received a handsome
gold medal.

Altogether 13 ships were represented in the tournament,
which was conducted by Mr. Mansfield, of the society. The
league table is as follows:—

P W L Pts
Caronia 9 9 07,620
California 9 8 17,125
Carmania 8 7 16,617
Celtic 9 5 46,730
Cedric 9 5 46,468
Caledonia 7 4 35,556
Lusitania 9 3 66,581
Campania 9 3 67,059
Oceanic 9 3 66,740
Baltic 9 3 67,012
Arabic 7 2 55,592
New York 9 2 76,662
Adriatic 9 2 76,140

The Arabic were the holders of the cup last year.

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