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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : June, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : June, 1911

Our Readers in Council

A “Coronation” Game

To the Editor.

A friend and myself have been playing a game of billiards
lately which we have dubbed the “Coronation” game, and,
as we have found that it has greatly, improved our ordinary
game, I am sending an account of the way we play it
as it may perhaps interest some of the amateur readers of
The Billiard Monthly.

It is a nomination game, and for each score made we
count one, a double score such as a five or six shot we
count two, etc., and when a score is made by striking a
cushion first we add one for the cushion, and if two or three
cushions are struck before scoring we add one for each
cushion, such as, for instance, a score in baulk where the
ball has to go all round the table striking perhaps three or
four cushions before scoring. If a cannon is scored we call
that one, and if four cushions have been struck we add one
for each of the cushions. We do the same with in-offs, or
any other stroke played off the cushion first. As to “hard
lines,” such as missing a difficult cannon by a hair’s breadth,
or the red wobbling in the jaws of the pocket, or
a very near shave for an in-off, or when we play out of
baulk all round the table and hit one of the balls but do
not actually score, we count this as if it was an actual score
and call it one.

All this, we find, tends to encourage good and careful
play. For a fluke we count nothing. The player stops
and his opponent goes on to play just as if no score had
taken place. This tends to discourage careless off-hand

The points we generally play are *0 up and as a variation
and for good practice we recommend amateurs who wish
to improve their play to try the “Coronation” game.



Value of Applied Theory

To the Editor.

I would like to thank you for the usefulness of The
Billiard Monthly, as it has improved my billiards a good
deal. I had never made a 50 break before I took it, and,
since reading it carefully, I have made a 50, 53, and 61, all
sound breaks.

M. D.

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