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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : May, 1911

Gray (and Sombre) Forecasts

May 1, 1911.—Gray resumed his unfinished break of
5,060. The only excitement was at 9 p.m., when he
changed from the right-hand pocket to the left.

June 1.—Gray having settled down for a really big break,
Stevenson has left for a Continental tour.

August.—During play Gray develops a new stroke, potting
both the red ball and his own, and making a cannon simultaneously.

Score: Stevenson 0, Gray 650,000.

Feb. 1912.—Distinct channel now marked by ball passing
into middle pocket. Game suspended while a new table is

March, 1913.—Gray reaches his million. He now plays
with his eyes shut. Stevenson wires congratulations from

1980.—Gray receives old-age pension. His son has taken
his place in the game, which is still unfinished.

1990.—Gray’s grandson breaks down at a red loser in the
octillion. Game over. He is immediately challenged by
the grandsons of Stevenson, Inman, and Cook.—The

The outstanding event of the year 1913, in the world of
billiards, has undoubtedly been the new regulation about
the losing hazard off the red. Mr. George Gray’s (unfinished)
break of 10,179 at Leicester in June, on which occasion
he occupied the table for three consecutive weeks, and
his Opponent felt justified in spending the week-ends in the
country, has at last opened the eyes of the authorities. It
is not generally known that in the course of this match the
right-hand centre pocket had to be three times renewed by
a local upholsterer. The stroke was repeated with such
perfect precision that, after the first ten days, no objection
whatever was raised to spectators placing their hats on the
left-hand side of the table, and on one evening towards the
close the umpire went so far as to take his tea off it.—

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