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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : March, 1911

The Billiard Monthly : March, 1911

Continental and American Billiards

Being exclusively devoted to cannons, the American and
Continental game has not the same variety possessed by
ours. Moreover, they use considerably larger balls, and in
consequence much heavier cues, than we do. Anything
over a 15oz or 15½ oz. cue we consider too heavy a stick,
but our cousins across the water will handle nothing less
than a 19oz. or 20oz. implement. On a small pocketless
table, and with balls not less than a 2½ in. diameter, the
American game became so easy, and therefore more than a
trifle monotonous, that nothing but the introduction of
baulk-lines drawn all round the table saved the game there
from dying a natural death so far as skill was concerned.

Now a player is only allowed to make two or three cannons
when all three balls are between the cushion and the baulk
line, in consequence of which a run of, say, fifty cannons is
considered a wonderful feat—a run of 100 a marvellous
achievement. Still, the American game is, after all, a one stroke
affair, even if this stroke is played in a great variety
of ways, and lacks the many beauties which the pockets on
the English table permit of our introducing into our game
at home.—Daily Telegraph.

There is an excellent game for the billiard table played
with fifteen pyramid balls and one cue ball. The game is:
Can you make 50 cannons whilst your opponent pots the
red balls or vice-versa?

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