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EABA : The Billiard Monthly : November, 1910

The Billiard Monthly : November, 1910

The Perfect Break

There are three kinds of billiard players: (a) single shot
players, (b) intelligent strivers after position who break down
through faulty cueing or contact, and (c) successful break-
makers, who ensure, by accurate contact and touch, the desired
direction to the object ball or balls and to the ball played
with, besides making the immediate shot.

A perfect break is one in which every point scored has been
foreseen, arranged for, and successfully brought off. All other
breaks or scores are more or less adventitious, although not, in
all cases, devoid of merit.

It need scarcely be added that an absolutely perfect break of any
length is very rarely made, but the best professionals are always
striving after perfection in this matter and are even
dissatisfied with themselves if, in the course of an intended
continuance of top of the table play, they have to return to
baulk in order to recover position that has been temporarily

Between the perfect and the adventitious break there stands the
highly meritorious one in which there has been no actual fluke
and in which the positions sought have been substantially
achieved. It may be that where a drop cannon was expected and
would have been preferred a pocket has presented itself as more
favourable, but this contingency is really borne in mind, and the
desired drop cannon may send the balls together near the spot
next stroke.

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