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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 1997

News from the editor’s chair

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With David Burgess out of the country on business it befalls
on me to produce the editorial page. I hope that David
approves of my efforts and it keeps up his standards.

We welcome and seek contributions and input to the magazine
and react to criticism where it manifests itself. Whilst we all like
praise, if criticism is raised we’ll consider it, hopefully such
complaint will be followed with assistance to correct our
mistakes, but whatever your view please let us know.

Were have all the Billiard competitors gone? My own
region of Teesside, considered to be the hotbed of
billiards, has forwarded a meagre five entries to this year’s
English Amateur from a national entry of eighty. Two years ago
33 players sought qualification from Teesside. Surely the
increased entry fee, up £2 to £12 cannot have put people off,
especially as we’ve increased the prize fund from £600 to £1,000
with the winner’s prize up by £ 100 to £300.

With controlled round-robin qualification assured this year, all
competitors will get more playing hours for their entry fee—so
that can’t be bad. If you have a reason for not entering this
year, please let us know. If we’re doing something wrong to
affect your lack of entry—please talk to us.

I also note with regret that the CIU Billiards Championship has
only 26 entrants with nine of those from the North East. This
compares with 31 last year and 38 the year previous.

The CIU Snooker has 160 entrants in that event and a massive
127 teams, so snooker is not affected—why then the billiards

A long with this edition of the magazine, you will receive a
A separate sheet offering the opportunity of lineage
advertising space within future issues at a small cost. Please
make use of the facility or retain the sheet for future use.

Do you know any billiards enthusiasts who don’t yet
subscribe to The Billiard Player? Why not lend them a
copy so they might see the worth of our efforts and they might
then swell the numbers of subscribers. Malcolm Lax assures me
that the numbers are climbing and we currently produce the
magazine in a cost-effective manner thereby ensuring no
financial burden is placed on the EABA, but every little helps.

The EASB, to whom we are affiliated, will be holding their
AGM in Bristol on Wednesday 17th December at 12 noon.
Entrants to last year’s English Amateur Billiards are entitled to
vote for the election of the Billiards Committee. Retiring members
Ellis Lloyd, Malcolm Lax and Derick Townend have been
nominated to retain their places on the Committee. Anyone
requiring a voting paper should contact me or receive one at
the ABC Tournament in December.

Our professional counterparts, the Billiards Committee of the
WPBSA, have undergone changes in their ranks. With Rex
Williams and Mark Wildman being respectively Chairman and
Vice Chairman of the Board of the WPBSA they have
relinquished some of their responsibilities to the Billiards
Committee. Clive Everton and Peter Gilchrist become the
respective Chairman and Vice Chairman of this Committee. We
wish them well in their endeavours.

In issue No.6 of the magazine, I suggested that to support the
Coaching Initiative of the EASB we needed to input some
billiards orientated coaches. As proved in Teesside, you don’t
need formal qualifications to coach and I have implored those
with knowledge to bring youngsters into the game. It’s
happening in the Eastern Counties now and it could happen in
your region if you do something about it.

I would be happy to know if anyone has responded to the EASB
scheme request to further the billiards structure. It’s no good me
criticising Terry Griffiths and the EASB scheme if we can’t provide
the assistance it needs to make it work. Please help if you can!

Well David, and all readers, I hope we’ve managed to provide
a magazine of worth. My thanks to Malcolm Lax and Peter
Ainsworth along with all contributors.

Albert Hanson

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