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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : January 1997

The Amateur Billiard Player : January 1997


The EASB has briskly refuted rumours of its demise or imminent dissolvement. I was
contacted from two sources in the Midlands area telling me they were aware of, or heard
about, the EASB termination.

I spoke with the Bristol HQ on the first occasion and they were unaware of any cause
for question.
When the second story circulated I spoke personally with Nigel Oldfield, the EASB
Chairman, who called it “a load of B******* with a capital B”.

Nigel responded with a circular letter to the EASB Management Committee which

“I wish to take this opportunity to assure all members that the EASB is
secure and that steps are being implemented to ensure the future of the
EASB into the next century.”

I must apologise to all prospective entrants to our EABA tournaments. The lateness
of entry forms is entirely down to me for failing to have produced them. Pressure of work is
primarily the cause; forms will be circulated very shortly. Sorry guys.

Many thanks should be recorded to Phil Welham for a marvellous job being done in
the collation of billiards active leagues and also the development of youth activity in the
Eastern Counties area. A new pocket of youth billiards is being nurtured to prove that it can
happen outside of Teesside.

Well done Phil.

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