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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Summer 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Summer 2002


The English Amateur Billiards Association held its Annual General
Meeting at The Reardon, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 6th
April 2002. The following Officers were elected for a three-year term:

  • President: Alf Nolan Esq.
  • Chairman: Mr. Peter Shelley
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr. Paul Dunning
  • Treasurer: Mr. Steve Crosland
  • Auditor: Mr. Alan Hughes OBE

The position of Vice-Chairman was newly introduced by resolution of
the meeting. It was also resolved that the Committee Members who
had previously been elected for a three year term would now stand on
an annual basis. The following were elected to Committee:

  • Mr. Tony Keeling
  • Mr. Dave Smith
  • Mr. John Smith
  • Mr. Clive Scott
  • Mr. Derick Townend
  • Mr. John Bousfield

Mr. John Richmond retired this year as Secretary of the Association,
and received a vote of thanks from the meeting for his work whilst in
office. There being no candidates for replacement, the position of
Secretary was left vacant. Subsequent to the meeting Mr. Harry Wah
was co-opted as “Minutes Secretary” with the other secretarial duties
to be spread amongst existing Officers.

Finances were reported to be in good shape despite no attempt having
yet been made to attract external sponsorship. The income being made
up essentially by member subscriptions, entry fees, the “200 Club”
draw, sales of “The Amateur Billiard Player” and donations from
individual members. Two additional substantial donations were pledged
at the meeting and these should ensure that the coming season is in

Motions before the AGM included one from Alf Nolan Esq; who
proposed that the English Champion be excluded to the start of the
Competition Proper. Mr. Nolan seemed uncharacteristically short of
words in support of his motion and with the meeting remaining
unconvinced, it was defeated by substantial majority.

Mr. Roger Clark presented extensive proposals for alteration to the
Constitution, some of these were adopted, others defeated, and the
balance referred to a sub-committee for further consideration.
One of the successes of year had been the formation of the Referees
Section, whose membership was reported to now be approaching 30
qualified referees. This will ensure that all EABA events will be fully
covered by experienced officials next season.

The following Competition entries were confirmed for the 2001-02
season (previous year in brackets):

English Championship 70 (73)
Grand Masters45 (36)
Senior Team13 (11)
Juniors (U-19) 35 (31)
Juniors (U-16) 38 (28)

The increases in numbers for the Junior Championships is particularly
encouraging although the underlying Junior Ranking Tournaments are
currently in a perilous position with continuing discord between three
regions principally involved. The junior circuit is currently run
independently of the EABA although it was suggested at the meeting
that the National circuit could disintegrate into its component parts of
Teesside, Lincoln and East Anglia if the EABA continued to stand
aside from taking a controlling role. EABA officers made it clear that
they had no intention of considering such a move.

The Secretary reported that the Association held two meetings with
EASB at the request of their Executive and Jason Ferguson, Freya
Broad and Suzanne Goscombe met with EABA officers to discuss
matters of common interest. These meetings were regarded as
“exploratory” with no conclusions being reached. However it was
intended to continue discussions to determine whether any benefit
could be established for members.

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