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The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002

News from the editor’s chair

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Lee Lagan successfully defends his English Amateur Billiards Title.

The eve of the final stages of the 2002 World Professional
Billiards Championship at Midsomer Norton is an appropriate time
comment on the prospects of our most recent graduates to the
professional ranks. Lee Lagan, the Teesside giant has at last
taken the plunge and takes his chance with a professional sport,
which sadly, is hardly equipped to give a player of his undoubted
talents the security of a sporting career. Lee’s skill is
unquestionable, the huge gulf which he has widened between
himself and the rest of the amateur game in the past year is
tremendous. Lee’s touch, his cue-power, his balance and his
strategy are compelling to watch. A honing of his concentration
and regular professional competitive match play could soon see
him at the very top of his chosen profession.

Dave Nichol, the Norfolk star, will have more work to do. Dave’s
sound all round game and the progress he has made at the top of
table is moving him well on the way to maturity. Grit and
determination are the hallmarks of Dave’s game. He is hell bent
on making a name for himself ; a recent move to Teesside, to get
nearer the action, is proof of his dedication to the task. We all
remember the thrilling encounters that Dave had with the England
Amateur team and are well aware of his fighting spirit, his
contribution to England’s successes are well noted and much
appreciated. We in the Amateur game breath a kindly sigh of
relief, but also wish both these young men bon voyage, good
fortune, and may all their expectations be fulfilled .

My man from the North East, the inimitable Alf Nolan, tells
me that the future of the C.I.U. National Billiards Championship
is in jeopardy. The entries for this annual competition have been
slowly declining, and unless more than twenty entries are
received for next year’s competition by the closing date, the
championship will be discontinued. The halcyon days of the
championships, which were graced with the names of so many famous
players, including; Wright, Dagley, Close, Oriel, and of course
Alf Nolan, are all heroes in the memory. The C.I.U. Championship
has been with us since 1920 and has always been regarded as one
of the most prestigious events in the billiards calendar. Surely
we can help in some way to keep this competition afloat. The
event has been dominated in recent years by Teesside. The
regional groupings may have a detrimental effect on attracting
entries, and the choice of venues for the latter stages may well
leave a little to be desired. The E.A.B.A. will help in any way
it can to give guidance and assistance in the revival of this
traditional and very well respected Championship.

As we approach the end of another season, the E.A.B.A. committee
wishes to thank all those who have once again contributed to
another most successful year of sport. All our competitions have
attracted improved entries, and have been well supported by
officials. We will continue to serve and organise our sport in
its best tradition. We are all very pleased by the success of the
E.A.B.A. 200 Club, and delighted that the spirit of its purpose
has been recognised and supported so readily. The finances of the
E.A.B.A. are now on a sound footing and look secure for the
foreseeable future. Good financial management has been generously
supported by donations from those anonymous stalwarts of
billiards whom we think are the life blood of the game. Our
thanks go out to you all for making our efforts so

Derick Townend

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