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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002


Local Hero

The annual Teesside Sports Awards in February saw Peter Gilchrist
carry the flag for billiards, beating off the challenge of all the other
sporting achievements in the region, to lift the £500 prize in the “Senior
Prestige” category. Gilchrist won the award in recognition of his success
in bringing the World Professional title back to Teesside.

Boys’ Billiards League

Playing against South Bank St. Peter’s, Billy Bousfield (Stockton Riley’s)
made a break of exactly 100 which helped him to a personal best 30
minute score of 288 and his team to a 7-0 victory.

Southfield League

The clash of the top billiards teams in the League brought a win for
Hemlington by two games to one over their arch-rivals the Ironopolis
club. The ‘Nops had started well with Geoff Charville defeating Lee
Lagan 120-17, but Hemlington struck back with 17 year-old Craig
Murphy who produced breaks of 48 and 36 to beat Peter Reeves 120-
44. Mark Hatton then secured victory for Hemlington with a 120-24
win over Darren Kell, which included a run of 55.

In January, Lee Lagan set an all-time League record with a break of 124,
defeating his opponent to nil in the 120-up game. Fifteen year-old John
Hall also provided an outstanding performance playing for the Dorman’s
Club when he won his game against the Parkway 120-7 including
breaks of 64 and 42. Even though he was the only one of the three-man
team to win on the night, this result was enough to earn the aggregate
point for the Dorman’s.

CIU – Cleveland Branch

The finals of the local CIU Billiards Championship took place at the
Guisborough Quoit Club on Wednesday 20th February and Simon
Snee caused something of an upset by defeating Darren Kell in the final.
Snee had been trailing for the early part of the game but a break of 77
took him into a lead which he held until the end. In the semi-finals Kell
had looked to be in supreme form as he recorded an average of 24.7
when defeating Davey Weatherall, while Snee had struggled to overcome
Mark Andrews in a dour encounter.

Darren Kell
200 (24.7)Davey Weatherall
69 (7.7)
Simon Snee
200 (11.8)Mark Andrews
124 (6.9)
Simon Snee
200 (10.5)Darren Kell
138 (7.3)

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