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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : Spring 2002


Atack Snooker Club, Nuneaton

Sunday 24th March 2002 (All games two-hours)

Once again the EABA is indebted to Bob Coales
of the Atack Snooker Club for allowing the use of his premises.
The eight quarter finalists included the familiar names of Steve Crosland,
Peter Shelley, Jim McCann, Brian Harvey and Tony James and these
were joined by Dave Burgess, Jerry Conba, and Richie Evans. Sadly
Tony James had to withdraw due to personal reasons.

Clive Scott was tournament director and the referees on duty were
Dave Smith, Dave Richardson, Peter Cooper, John Richmond and
Colin Patimore. As always Clive and his team did an excellent job.


Jim McCann
456 Jerry Conba
Steve Crosland
682 Dave Burgess
Brian Harvey
730 Richard Evans
Peter Shelley
w/o Tony James

Jim McCann had a comfortable victory over Jerry Conba with neither
player hitting anything like top form. Brian Harvey got off to a flyer
against Richie Evans with three breaks over fifty in the first half hour.
Harvey continued to score heavily throughout the two hour session to
win by over four hundred. The pick of the quarter finals was Crosland
versus Burgess. Crosland had two centuries in his points total of 682
with Burgess also contributing with a century of his own. Crosland
backed up his centuries with regular useful contributions and won by
over 200. Dave Burgess is beginning to show glimpses of his old form
and appears ready to present a serious challenge to anyone on the


Jim McCann
674 Steve Crosland
Peter Shelley
586 Brian Harvey

The semi-finals pairings were McCann v Crosland and Harvey v Shelley.
Shelley played consistent billiards and kept his nose in front for most
of the game with Harvey always threatening but never able to dominate.
Jim McCann played a blinder against defending champion Steve Crosland
and won by the impressive margin of some 320 points. He had a top
break of 127 backed up by numerous smaller but telling breaks. Crosland,
who didn’t play badly, found it impossible to stop his opponent scoring
even when the balls ended up in positions normally regarded as being


Peter Shelley
496 Jim McCann
Photo of Peter Shelley (6k)

Peter Shelley: who defeated Jim McCann in
an exciting final to take the 2002 Grand
Masters title.

The final turned out to be a close encounter with the result in doubt
right up to the final seconds. Both played steadily but neither managed
to take a decisive hold on the game. With under a minute to go Peter
Shelley had a slender lead of 9 points. McCann was at the table and
potted his opponents ball reducing the deficit to 7. He then double
baulked Shelley who went to
disturb the balls and hit the
red in such a way as to knock
it out of baulk and the cue ball
followed through into the
baulk pocket. The lead was
now 10 and Shelley played
one more in-off red out of
hand before the bell sounded
and he won the game by 13

Had Jim McCann, after
potting Shelley’s ball, not
opted to double baulk but
instead taken an easy in-off
red he may just have had time
for two more scoring shots
from hand to win by two
points. However this was not
to be and Peter Shelley
recorded his fourth success in
this popular tournament.
Report: Steve Crosland

The early stages of the competition involved several regional groups who all played on Sunday 3rd February to find the eight players
who would contest the competition proper at Nuneaton. The results
were as follows:

Qualifying Stages

South-East – Newmarket (13 entries 2 qualifiers)

Group A
Round 1: Colin Summers 425 Robert Shanks 441; Michael Wright (51) 665 Albert Beard 228;
Richie Evans (86) 437 Ivan Stevenage 260. Round 2: Keith Lloyd 442 Robert Shanks 432; Richie
Evans 574 Michael Wright 356.
Qualifying Round: Richie Evans 406 Keith Lloyd 405

Group B
Round 1: Jerry Conba (66) 471 Gareth Wakeford (53) 379; Steve Russell (72,50) 476 Jock McGregor
221. Round 2: Jerry Conba 612 Chris Ross 436; Steve Russell 416 Morris Carden 318.
Qualifying Round: Jerry Conba (51,60) 577 Steve Russell 474

North – Bradford (16 entries, 3 qualifiers)

Group A
Round 1: Ron Whitten 475 Dave Richardson 354. Round 2: Richard Lodge (61,63,69) 681 Ron
Whitten 323; Jim McCann 496(59) Branson Hoole 407(54).
Qualifying Round: Jim McCann (103,50) 531 Richard Lodge 407

Group B
Round 1: Brian Cousen 394 Alf Nolan 254. Round 2: Brian Cousen (60,56) 490 Brian Watson 308;
Tony James (109) 576 Ronnie Haigh 332.
Qualifying Round: Tony James (60) 493 Brian Cousen (60) 247

Group C
Round 1: Steve Crosland (108,75,74,52) 783 Lawrence Torn 224; Rodney Sims 492 Tim Godolphin
293. Round 2: Steve Crosland (135,92,73,53) 605 Steve Kershaw (62) 428; John Ingleby (50) 482
Rodney Sims (61) 379.
Qualifying Round: Steve Crosland (66,62,59,57,54,54) 707 John Ingleby (63,62,59) 426

South-West – Taunton (5 entries, 1 qualifier)

Round 1: John Howell (61)451 Geoff Lingard 385. Round 2: Bill Andress (73,60) 477 John Howell
427; Brian Harvey (73,71) 743 Dick Watts 407.
Qualifying Round: Brian Harvey (97,65) 719 Bill Andress (73,60) 477

South – Southampton (5 players, 1 qualifier)

Round 1: Martin Phillips w/o John Smith scr. Round 2: Martin Phillips 355 Ernest Shorney (50)
311; David Burgess (81,78,78,52) 654 Terry Azor (60,54) 394.
Qualifying Round: David Burgess (113,91,65,58) 671 Martin Phillips 291

North-West/Midlands – Sealand (5 entries, 1 qualifier)

Round 1: Peter Shelley (148,118) 635 Dennis Marr 475. Round 2: Peter Shelley 810
(108,104,95,81,67,64,57,53) Norman Routledge (64) 458; David Rees (65) 360 Eddie Fielding
Qualifying Round: Peter Shelley 523 David Rees (94,50) 454

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