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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2002


Sealand Leisure, Queensferry (17th-18th November 2001)

Photo of Derick Townend (6k)

England Team Manager, Derick Townend (right),
receives the Tri-Nations Trophy from Ian Purcell,
Manager of Sealand Leisure.

On Friday 16th November, players from the Republic of Ireland,
Northern Ireland and England assembled at The Gateway To Wales
hotel in Queensferry to compete in the annual triangular Billiards
International between the countries.

With the addition of Eugene Hughes to the Republic squad, their team
was unquestionably the strongest ever side to represent Eire in this
competition. However the “host” nation were fully aware of the
impending challenge from both visitors from across the water.
The competition was staged by Sealand Leisure who afforded the
tournament the luxury of closing down the main room of their club for
the weekend to ensure top class playing conditions. No match was
played on a table with anyone playing on an adjacent table, alongside or
at either end.

Session 1 saw the best possible start for England with a clean sweep in
the 2 hour sessions against Northern Ireland – the highlight of which
was an impressive 546-322 victory by Darren Kell over 1999 IBSF
World Semi-Finalist and Irish No.1 Paddy Donnelly. His win included
the weekend’s highest break of 140 backed up with further runs of 59
and 83.

Session 2 was the 2×150 up format between England and the Republic
and marked the debut of Eugene Hughes in the competition with a
fluent 2-0 victory over Phil Welham. Other highlights were a 107 break
by Steve Crosland in his 1-1 draw with Vic O’Gorman and a run of 88
by Brian Harvey in his draw with Phil Martin. The closely fought
session resulted in a narrow 7-5 win for England.

Session 3 was probably the decisive factor in the destiny of the
tournament even though England were not involved! The pressure was
on the Republic in these 2 hour games to match England’s performance
in Session 1. This challenge did not materialise and the session was
shared. Eugene Hughes again showed his class with breaks of 125, 86
and 81 against John McIntyre but victories by Jimmy McLaughlin,
Sammy Currie and Roy Lattimer gave Northern Ireland the draw.

The Saturday evening saw all three teams join referees, wives and
guests at an official function held at The Gateway to Wales hotel. After
an excellent meal, England Team Manager Derick Townend presented
certificates to all players and officials to mark the occasion. He also
presented a framed certificate to hotel manager Mike Sudbury in
recognition of the hotel’s co-operation in staging the weekend.
Battle recommenced on the Sunday morning with Session 4 between
the two Irelands in the 2×150 up format. Northern Ireland showed great
character and fighting spirit with a tremendous 8-4 victory. The
highlights were a beautiful 107 break by John McIntyre and a 1-1 draw
secured by Jimmy McLaughlin against Eugene Hughes.

Session 5 saw England seal their victory with a 4-2 win over the Republic.
Peter Shelley made the only century of the session along with four
other breaks over 50 in his game with Victor O’Gorman. Brian Harvey
had runs of 94 and 93 in his comfortable win over Larry Drennan.

The final session re-emphasised England’s winning margin with a 9-3
victory over Northern Ireland. Darren Kell maintained his 100% record
with a 2-0 win over Sammy Currie giving him 10 out of 10 points from
his four games. Roy Lattimer finished his international debut with a
creditable 1-1 draw against Peter Shelley.

At the conclusion of the
event, a wonderful buffet
was laid on in the lounge
at Sealand Leisure. The
Tri-nations Trophy was
presented to Derick
Townend by Ian Purcell,
Manager of Sealand
Leisure. The EABA
wishes to thank Ian and
the Corbetts group of
companies for their cooperation
and generous
sponsorship in making this
event such a success.
Tribute was also paid to
Clive Scott and his band

of referees who carried out such sterling work in a thoroughly efficient
manner over the whole weekend. Thanks were also given to Harry Wah
who did much of the groundwork for this event at his local club.

Photo of England Team (13k)

England. L-R: Phil Welham, Brian Harvey, Steve Crosland, Jim McCann, Paul
Dunning (front), Bill Andress, Peter Shelley, Darren Kell.
Photo of Republic of Ireland Team (14k)

Republic of Ireland. L-R: Phil Martin, Eugene Hughes, Larry Drennan, Dick
Brennan, Victor O’Gorman, Aidan Murray.
Photo of Northern Ireland Team (14k)

Northern Ireland. L-R: Oliver McGuigan (Manager), Tommy Murphy, Paddy Donnelly,
Roy Lattimer, Sammy Clarke, John McIntyre, Jimmy V McLaughlin, Sammy Currie,
Simon McIntyre (boy at front, Simon McIntyre).

DAY 1.

England v Northern Ireland (2 hours)
Steve Crosland (57,92,60,57) 574 Jimmy V. McLauchlin 467; Paul Dunning (71) 462 Sammy
Clarke 379; Jim McCann (51,109) 509 Roy Lattimer 452; Brian Harvey (81) 462 John McIntyre (50)
400; Darren Kell (140,59,83) 546 Paddy Donnelly (66unf) 322; Phil Welham (74,53,52) 564 Tommy
Murphy (85) 429.
England v Republic of Ireland (2 x 150-up)
Steve Crosland 94, 150(107) Victor O’Gorman 150, 42; Brian Harvey 148, 150(88) Phil Martin
150(57), 131(57); Bill Andress 150(57unf), 118 Dick Brennan 77, 150; Phil Welham 53, 84 Eugene
Hughes 150, 150(74); Jim Mc Cann 150(54), 150 Larry Drennan 80, 71; Darren Kell 150, 150(59)
Aidan Murray 94, 93(55).
Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland (2 hours)
Eugene Hughes (125,86,81) 711 John McIntyre (64) 320; Phil Martin (51,69) 422 Jimmy V.
McLaughlin 456; Victor O’Gorman (64) 511 Paddy Donnelly (57) 486; Larry Drennan (55) 328
Sammy Currie 497; Dick Brennan (64.55) 599 Tommy Murphy (55) 385; Aidan Murray (53) 317 Roy
Lattimer 331.
Day 1: England 25, Rep Ireland 14, Nth Ireland 9

DAY 2.

Republic of Ireland v Northern Ireland (2 x 150-up)
Dick Brennan 150, 150 Sammy Clarke 135, 117(76); Phil Martin 104, 109 Tommy Murphy 150(64),
150(71); Larry Drennan 114, 103 John McIntyre 150, 150(107); Victor O’Gorman 107, 150 Sammy
Currie 150(53), 140(80); Eugene Hughes 150(70), 145 Jimmy V. McLaughlin 102, 150; Aidan
Murray 66, 57 Paddy Donnelly 150(53), 150.
England v Republic of Ireland (2 hours)
Brian Harvey (79,94,93,57) 664 Larry Drennan 327; Paul Dunning (64,58,52,74) 549 Dick Brennan
(63) 391; Steve Crosland (67) 313 Eugene Hughes (84,90,65,69,67) 714; Peter Shelley
(54,51,114,58,65) 855 Victor O’Gorman 452; Bill Andress (68) 357 Aidan Murray (56) 398; Darren
Kell (71) 498 Phil Martin 406.
England v Northern Ireland (2 x 150-up)
Jim McCann 150, 143 Tommy Murphy 110, 150; Peter Shelley 150(58unf), 87 Roy Lattimer 30,
150(62); Paul Dunning 32, 150(67) Paddy Donnelly 150(81), 132; Darren Kell 150(58), 150(62)
Sammy Currie 39, 35; Bill Andress 150, 150 Sammy Clarke 87, 128; Phil Welham 150(57,60), 150
John McIntyre 42, 98.
Final Score
England 46, Rep Ireland 24, N. Ireland 20

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