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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : November 2001

Northern Junior Ranking Series

Northern S.C; Leeds

Event One – Sunday 7th October 2001

With the Junior ranking competitions now split into Northern and
Southern areas, the first event to be played was at the Northern
Snooker Centre, Leeds. Almost all of the 32 competitors were products
of the Teesside Boys’ League, most making the journey from the
Middlesbrough area. One of the exceptions was Matthew Peaker from
Huddersfield who is a regular competitor in these events. However, the
player travelling the furthest was 19 year-old Jason Robinson, originally
from Teesside, who drove to the event from Buckinghamshire where he
is currently working.

The first round saw the early exit of Matthew Peaker. He found himself
on the receiving end of a good performance by Craig Murphy who
included breaks of 57 and 51 on his way to a 267-118 result. Jason
Robinson recorded a comfortable 225-156 win over Anthony Peacock,
but the star performance came from Robin Wilson, who with runs of
72, 66 and 59 amassed a 45 minute total of 424, overwhelming young
Paul Snowden who only managed to score 49. This was not quite the
lowest aggregate of the round which came from Lee Rollings as he lost
195-41 to Mark Coates. Rollings however, could offer a good excuse in
that he had only taken to playing billiards three days previously! At 11
years-old, Ben Hodgson was the youngest player taking part, but he
also lost out in his first match to Chris Appleton.

The second round reverted to the more usual one-hour games and again
it was Robin Wilson who led the way with an impressive 440-212 win
over Michael Donnelly, including breaks of 86, 75 and 37. Stephen
Hassack, who is now based in Cosford where he is employed as a RAF
Avionics Technician, had travelled up with Jason Robinson who had
collected him on his journey from the deep South. With his job affording
little opportunity to practice, Hassack still looked impressive as he
overcame Carl Watts 345-199. By a strange coincidence his travelling
companion Jason Robinson posted exactly the same winning total as
he went through against Craig Brown 345-234.

The quarter-finals saw personal best performances from John Hall and
Mark Coates who recorded their highest breaks in match-play with 81
and 75 respectively. Hall also broke the 400 barrier, winning his match
against Trevor Snaith 457-177, but the top score again went to Robin
Wilson who made 495, defeating Stephen Hassack by over 300 points.
Breaks of 86, 65, 55 and 52 being the highlights of another impressive
performance. Jason Robinson also made the semi-finals, defeating Danny
Britnell 290-262.

Robin Wilson posted another big score in his semi-final match,
contributions of 64 and 61 helping him to a 442-224 win over Mark
Coates, who also managed a break of 50. John Hall could not reproduce
the sparkling form of his previous round and lost out by just seven
points to Jason Robinson. Hall’s break of 47 being the best of the

The final started at 7.00pm and by now the rigours of a long day’s
travelling and playing began to catch up with Jason Robinson. Thirty
minutes into the game he was unable to raise a challenge to Robin
Wilson and trailing by over 200 points asked permission to concede to
match. This was granted by the Tournament Organiser giving a premature
victory to Wilson and allowing Robinson to set off on his long journey
back to Buckinghamshire.

Rond One (45 mins)
Lee Wilson 205 Kyle Cunningham 163; Liam O’Neil
251 Anthony Kyme 111; Craig Murphy (57,51) 267 Matthew Peaker 118; Mark Coates (30) 195 Lee
Rollings 41; Robin Wilson (72,66,59) 424 Paul Snowden 49; Michael Donnelly 212 Jason Thomas
147; Carl Watts 159 John Gallafant 112; Stephen Hassack (37,30) 285 Daniel Beagrie 178; Jeff
Henderson 233 Callum Robinson 139; Trevor Snaith 197 Dominic Mulhall 151; John Hall 213
Billy Bousfield (38) 160; Chris Appleton (30) 278 Ben Hodgson 51; Craig Brown (49,32) 247 Paul
Jones 149; Jason Robinson 225 Anthony Peacock 156; Andrew Fairley 243 Darren Murrell 184;
Daniel Britnell 168 Phil Liddle 134.
Round Two (1 hour)
Liam O’Neil 267 Lee Wilson 237; Mark Coates 253 Craig Murphy 224; Robin
Wilson (86,75,37) 440 Michael Donnelly 212; Stephen Hassack 345 Carl Watts 199; Trevor
Snaith 234 Jeff Henderson 206; John Hall (41) 299 Chris Appleton 248; Jason Robinson (32) 345
Craig Brown 234; Daniel Britnell 301 Andrew Fairley (30) 208.
Quarter-finals (1 hour)
Mark Coates (75,39) 367 Liam O’Neil 217; Robin Wilson (86,65,55,52) 495
Stephen Hassack 186; John Hall (81,47) 457 Trevor Snaith 177; Jason Robinson 290 Daniel
Britnell 262.
Semi-finals (1 hour)
Robin Wilson (64,61) 442 Mark Coates (50) 224; Jason Robinson 273 John
Hall (47) 266.
Robin Wilson (37,34) 263 Jason Robinson 61.

Twelve-year-old Dominic Mulhall seems to be something of a slow
starter in the Junior ranking series, invariably failing in the first round of
the main competition and then producing his best form in the Plate
event. The Leeds tournament was no exception to this pattern as he
lost his first match to Trevor Snaith, then went on to win the Plate with
an excellent 299-256 victory against Danny Beagrie in the one-hour
final. Beagrie, a stylish player with a great deal of promise, had also
been producing some good performances after being eliminated from
the main competition by Steve Hassack. He made a break of 62 in the
quarter-finals and a run of 58 against Mulhall in the final. But this was
not enough to overtake the big lead established by Mulhall who
maintained his composure under pressure to win by 43 points.

Quarter-finals (30 mins)
Jason Thomas 153 Callum Robinson 69; Daniel
Beagrie (62) 169 Kyle Cunningham 89; Dominic Mulhall 135 Anthony Peacock 118; Darren
Murrell 174 Paul Jones 68.
Daniel Beagrie 146 Jason Thomas 95; Dominic Mulhall 152 Darren Murrell 93.
Final (1 hour)
Dominic Mulhall 299 Daniel Beagrie (58) 256

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