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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

News from the Editor’s Chair

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The closed season is a busy time for everyone engaged In the
administration of a particular sport, and billiards is no exception.
Listening to the advice of colleagues, answering criticisms, and not
least, paying particular attention to the financial health of the association
and the prudent management of its funds, is a principle we are
determined to uphold. Thankfully, we are comfortable In the belief that
our sport is structurally sound. We do not require huge sums of money
to support its administration and we are not sucked into believing that
changes are needed to make the sport commercially viable. The emphasis
is now on delivering a quality service to those players, officials and
supporters who have our trust.

Photo of Lee Lagan (18k)

Lee Lagan makes it
a double at
Harrogate by
the CIU

Arrangements have been put in place for the inaugural staging of the
‘E.A.B.A. Whitworth Masters´, at the Whitworth Institute, Darley
Dale in September this year. The tournament caries no prize money
and is totally financed by the English players who have been invited to
take part. A perpetual trophy has been donated by the trustees of the
Whitworth Institute, and personal mementoes will be presented to the
winner, runner up and each of the players and officials who participate.
On this occasion eight players from the English ranking list plus two
International players have been invited. Two players declined the
invitation, but without exception the rest of the players expressed their
pleasure and honour at being asked to take part. The annual invitation
of players to be included In the Whitworth Masters’, and the playing
format of the tournament will be at the discretion of the E.A.B.A.
committee. It is envisaged that this tournament will become well
established and a regular and prestigious event in the English calendar.
News of Matthew Bolton’s splendid performance In the Australian
Open (page 15) is music to the ears of all billiards players. It
comes as no surprise to those who saw Matthew burst onto the
International scene at Melbourne in the ‘Walter Lindrum Centenary
Championship’ in 1999. From time to time the billiards world is shocked
by the emergence of yet another superstar. Matthew has shown that in
a very short time, with the advantage of youth, a dedicated approach to
the study of billiards and regular practise, he has become yet another
Australian phenomenon. We hear that Matthew is considering becoming
a professional, If this is the case, we in the Amateur game fully endorse
his decision and wish him many years of success and prosperity. His
graduation to the professional ranks will enhance the professional game
down under and give a fillip to a professional sport that at the moment
appears to lack purpose and direction.

The ‘IBSF World Billiards Championship’ takes place at Christchurch,
New Zealand, in September. A limited English entry is expected,
dependent upon the financial resources of the entrants and the
expectations of rewards for the winners. The EABA has made it quite
clear, to all who may be concerned about the Association’s stance on
the reinstatement of the World Amateur Billiards Championship, that
until the World bodies recognise the word ‘Amateur’, and until the
World Amateur Championship, and its trophy, have been returned to
the amateur ranks, It will not support any so-called ‘World Billiards
Championship’. All the EABA asks for is a return to the status quo,
that is, to hold an ‘Amateur World Championship’ biennially. An open
championship on the first year, and an amateur championship on the
second year. The professionals can run their championships as they
wish. It’s so simple! If needed, qualifiers for Olympic or Commonwealth
entry may be decided by Open competition. In the meantime, the
E.A.B.A. convey to the New Zealand Association its very best wishes
and success for the Christchurch event, and may the Kiwi’s provide us
all with a worthy champion.

Keep your chin up—

Derick Townend

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