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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2001


The qualifying sections for the World Professional Championship
were staged at venues in England and India, the former providing
three qualifiers and the latter, five.


Photo of Gary Rogers (5k)

Gary Rogers: new recruit to the
professional ranks.

Manhattan Club, Harrogate (29th March 2001)
Most of the higher placed
English players took part in the
qualifying stages with the
exception of Rex Williams
(ranked 16), who now seems to
have retired from the game, and
Mark Wildman (20) who as
Chairman of the WPBSA
probably had more pressing
matters demanding his attention.
Clive Everton (22) was also
absent and Eugene Hughes (25)
did not bother to make the trip
from Ireland.
Of the six players who did enter,
there was a new recruit to the Gary Rogers: new recruit to the
professional ranks in the form professional ranks
of Gary Rogers from York. He was drawn against Ian Williamson,
who after a slow start, effectively sealed the match with a break
of 217, the highest of the day. Peter Sheehan also put in a couple
of century breaks as he overwhelmed Andrew Sage. Paul Bennett,
despite suffering the after-effects of inoculations taken in
preparation for his trip to India, also qualified easily against
Brian Dix.

Qualifying Round (2 hrs)
Ian Williamson (217) 500 (av 17.2), Gary Rogers 207 (av 6.9);
Peter Sheehan (165, 116, 92, 87, 85, 52) 923 (av 20.1), Andrew Sage 191 (av 4.2); Paul
Bennett (95, 79, 78, 70, 58, 55) 881 (av 23.2), Brian Dix (61) 245 (av 6.6)


Bombay Gymkhana, Mumbai (8th-9th April 2001)
The qualification group in India was arranged to be played
immediately prior to the Competition Proper to allow Rom Surin
to make just one trip from Thailand, but as it transpired, he
decided not to make the journey and the field contained only
Indian competitors.

One of these ties threw up a particularly exciting match when
Ashok Shandilya defeated Rupesh Shah by a mere 16 points.
Veteran player, Subhash Agrawal, reappearing on the professional
circuit after an absence of several years, also managed to go
through, but his brother Arun went out to the youngster Dhruv
Sitwala. Alok Kumar put up a good performance to defeat No.13
ranked Manoj Kothari, but the star performance came from
Devendra Joshi who made a string of breaks to beat Mukesh
Rehani 1,025-311 in their two hour match.

Preliminary Round (2 hrs)
Dhruv Sitwala (94, 61, 60, 58, 57) 646 (av 15.0) Ishmit Singh
Malik 287 (av 6.5)
Qualifying Round (2 hrs)
Alok Kumar (58, 54, 54, 51, 51) 604 (av 20.1) Manoj Kothari
(107, 79, 62) 485 (av 16.7); Dhruv Sitwala (80, 79, 55) 484 (av 12.7) Arun Agrawal (55,
50) 408 (av 10.7); Devendra Joshi (150, 138, 130, 86, 80, 69, 69, 66, 61) 1025 (36.6)
Mukesh Rehani 311 (av 11.1); Subhash Agrawal (94, 70) 576 (av 9.0) Aditya Goenka
(58) 372 (av 5.8); Ashok Shandilya (248, 159) 573 (av 21.2) Rupesh Shah (99, 86, 72,
67, 50) 555 (av 20.6)

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