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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2001


NE Derbyshire SC, Clay Cross (Saturday 27th-28th January 2001)

The annual International match between England and Northern Ireland
was hosted by England at the North-east Derbyshire SC, Clay
Cross, over the week-end of 27th-28th January. The match was, as
usual, a mixture of 500-up (3 points) and 3 x 150-up (1 point per game)
with pairings made against the relative ranking order for the respective

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Clive Scott (left) presents the
“Friendly Cup” to Derick Townend.

English No.1, Lee Lagan did not take part and his place was taken by
the No.9 ranked Tony James. As it transpired, Lagan’s skills were not
required as England romped to a 41-7 victory against an
uncharacteristically lack-lustre Irish side. Lagan’s substitute, Tony James,
could not have done better, winning all his games for a personal
contribution of six points to the overall match-score

The top break of the event came from Dave Nichols, who made a run of
122 in his 500-up game against John McIntyre, but probably the best
English performance was produced by Stephen Crosland. In winning
his three 150-up games against Davy Pogue he made breaks of 56 &
54unf; 74 & 61unf; and 91.

By the end of the first two sessions on Saturday, England had established
an invincible lead of 31-5 making the final session on Sunday morning
something of an anti-climax. During this period Ireland managed to pick
up a couple of points from the short games, with the remainder going to
increase England’s margin of victory. Richard Lodge, who had been the
only English player to lose in the 500-up games, showed some good
hazard play in the 150-up format, completing one of these with breaks
of 99 and 52 unfinished.

Jimmy V. McLaughlin’s three points
for his win over Richard Lodge in
the 500-up games made him the
most successful Irish player.
However, in his closing speech,
John McIntyre (President of the
Northern Ireland Billiards Control
Council) promised that England
would find it a “different story”
when they travelled to Belfast next
year. It was also hoped that the Irish
would be able to field a Junior squad
for this fixture, the event having been
abandoned this year.

Full results
(English names first):
500-up (3 points per game): Stephen Crosland (89) 500, Paddy Donnelly (65, 51) 475; Phil
Welham (92) 500, Davy Pogue 259; Dave Nichols (122, 57, 50) 500, John McIntyre 163; Richard
Lodge (50) 440, Jimmy V. McLaughlin (77) 500; David Rees (75, 50) 500, Sammy Clarke 200; Gary
Rogers (67, 67) 500, Freddie Cahoon 297; Peter Shelley (98, 55) 500, Tommy Murphy (50) 450;
Tony James 500, Eugene Rogan 486;
3 x 150-up (1 point per game): Phil Welham 150 (82), 114, 150 Paddy Donnelly 95 (50), 150 (50),
69; Stephen Crosland 150 (56, 54unf), 150 (74, 61unf), 150 (91) Davy Pogue 31, 101, 27; David
Rees 150, 150, 150 (89unf) Jimmy V. McLaughlin 76, 142 (55), 21; Tony James 150 (56), 150 (93),
150 Freddie Cahoon 20, 92, 39; Gary Rogers 150, 46, 150 (51) Eugene Rogan 60, 150 (63), 71;
Dave Nichols 150, 150 (53unf), 150 Tommy Murphy 21, 44, 41; Peter Shelley 150 (55), 150 (59),
117 John McIntyre 75, 45, 150; Richard Lodge 143, 150 (67), 150 (99, 52unf) Sammy Clarke 150
(54), 58, 13;
Final Match Score: England 41, Northern Ireland 7

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