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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2001
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Four of the players who had been scheduled for
action in the preliminary round of the CIU National
Billiards Championship, were favoured with walk-
overs as their opponents conceded their games. Of
those matches which were played, the 1999

Champion, Tony Mackinder, set the high-break target with a run of
183. Adding another of 58, it was not surprising that he defeated his
opponent, John Hartley, by a sizable margin.

Another good Northern Area match saw newcomer Richard Beckham
put out last year’s finalist, Geoff Charville. Early breaks of 63, 51 and
50 by Beckham gave him a lead of almost 200 points, and despite
Charville replying with runs of 85 and 62, he held his advantage to the
end, winning 500-390.

Veteran player, Alf Nolan, showed that he can still play a bit, producing
a break of 80 in his tie against Tony James. However, this proved to be
insufficient as the greater consistency of James saw him win by 118

Lee Lagan had two century breaks in a comfortable win against Steve
Best, while both Darren Kell and Neal Rewhorn came close to the
century mark with runs of 94 and 93 respectively. Both of these players
also going through without undue concern.

Preliminary Round
F.H. Page
(Swanley Junction)
scr. Jack Hedley
(Maidenhead Ivy Leaf)
Ivan Stevenage
(Nat. Ass. of Railway R&S)
w/o B. Hall
(Swanley Junction)
Maurice Chapman
(Selly Oak Inst.)
w/o A. Mellor
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers)
M. Faddes
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers)
220 Neal Rewhorn
(Unicorn Social)
93, 75
P. Johnson
(Monks Road WMC)
500 G. Hope
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers)
I. Arrowsmith
(Crewe Pioneer Anglers)
182 Peter Shelley
(Ball Green WMC)
John Ingleby
(Bradley & Colne Bridge)
500 M. Downing
(Crewe Pioneer Ang.)
Derick Townend
(Oatlands Mount WMC)
w/o P. Pearce
(Main Line SC – Leeds)
Darren Kell
(Acklam Garden City Social)
94, 78, 53
500 Jack Sinclair
(Northern Social)
Richard Beckham
(Redcar WMC)
63, 52, 51
500 Geoff Charville
(Acklam Garden City Social)
85, 62
John Hartley
(Acklam Steelworks)
242 Tony Mackinder
(North Ormesby Inst.)
183, 58
Lee Lagan
(North Ormesby Inst.)
114, 84, 116 unf
500 Steve Best
(Billingham Social)
Tony James
(Throckley Union Jack)
500 Alf Nolan
(Western Social)


P. Davis (Chippenham West End Club), M. A. Lowndes (Crewe Pioneer
Anglers Club), A. Fry (Mudeford & Dist. Mens Club)
First Round Draw
Jack Hedley v Ivan Stevenage, P. Davis v A. Fry, Neal
Rewhorn v M. A. Lowndes, Peter Shelley v Maurice Chapman, P. Johnson v
John Ingleby, Darren Kell v Tony James, Tony Mackinder v Derick Townend,
Richard Beckham v Lee Lagan.

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