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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000


Inter-District League

The Inter-District League is an annual feature and has been running for
many years. The local associations are invited to enter both billiards
and snooker teams. The 1999-2000 season saw 12 snooker teams and
7 billiards teams taking part.

Each billiards team consists of three players. Each pairing plays a game
of 200-up with two points per winner and one point for the aggregate
scores. The pairings are drawn at random. The winners for the current
season were Bradford who retained the trophy which they won last
year. This was an excellent yet surprising outcome because from their
last year’s team Mark Hirst turned professional, Richard Lodge decided
to have a year off and Alan Firth sadly passed away. The new squad of
Paul Devitt, Andy Armitage and Brian Mullaney pipped Huddersfield
(1) for the championship by one point with Wharfedale finishing third.
The outcome was in doubt until the very last fixture when Bradford
played Huddersfield (2), and Huddersfield (1) played Wharfedale.

Huddersfield (1) led the league by 4 points over Bradford and were
strongly fancied to lift the title. Wharfedale however, led by Steve
Crosland and supported by Ron Haigh and Jack Parker won the game
by 7 points to nil. Huddersfield probably expected Crosland to win his
match with Steve Whiteley, but equally expected either Tony Clegg or
Brian Cousen, both accomplished players, to secure at least 2 points
and the league title. Alas it was not to be, and Bradford’s 5-2 victory
over Huddersfield (2) gave them the championship at the last gasp.

Bradford’s Brian Mullaney, better known for his snooker exploits,
deserves a special mention for winning all of his 12 games. Wharfedale’s
Steve Crosland won 11 out of 12 and recorded the two highest breaks
of 121 and 114. Final positions: Bradford 61pts; Huddersfield 60pts;
Wharfedale 54pts; Leeds (2) 36pts; Harrogate 29pts; Leeds (1) 29pts;
Huddersfield (2) 25pts.

The Yorkshire Billiards Handicap

Yorkshire Billiards received a real boost this year when the handicap
was given very generous sponsorship by the Victoria Institute in
Flamborough. Local man John Bayes, a well-known player and referee,
was the link between the Institute and the Yorkshire Association to
decide the format and how the £500 sponsorship could be best used.
Prior to finals day, on the 9th April 2000, a pleasing entry of 34
assembled at the Cuedos Snooker Club Bradford to play down to 6.
Handicaps were issued for the games of 300-up with England players
Richard Lodge (-50), Steve Crosland (-50) and Gary Rogers (-20) being
the back-markers.

The closing stages were held at the Victoria Institute, Flamborough, on
the 7th May 2000. Two places were set aside for local East Coast
qualifiers, John Clifford (+135) and Bret Markwell (+135), who were
joined by the six qualifiers from Bradford.

All in all, an excellent tournament and the visit to Flamborough proved
an enjoyable day out. The Victoria Institute laid on a nourishing buffet
and made us all very welcome. Jack Broadbent won the prestigious
Leslie Driffield Trophy, a feat he last achieved in 1981. There were a
fair number of close finishes throughout, none more so than the final
itself. Of the more well-known players only Richard Lodge made
significant progress, but this is what the Handicap is all about. Hopefully
next year sponsorship can be retained and maybe the number of entries
will increase.

Preliminary Round
D. Townend 300, M. Ikin (rec.130) 298; J. Broadbent (rec.130) 300, D.
Patterson (rec.150) 217; B. Watson (rec.160) 300, R. Slee (rec.170) 253; C. Pattimore (rec.120)
300, A. White (rec.125) 236; D. Richardson (rec.130) 300, R. Pudsey (rec.130) 216; D. Peaker
(rec.140) 300, P. Ostrowski (rec.145) 278; R. Sims (rec.90) 300, T. Hodby (rec.60) 180.
Round 1
G. Rogers (owe.20) (109) 300, D. Townend (rec.100) 292; J. Broadbent (rec.130) 300,
B. Watson (rec.160) 272; C. Pattimore (rec.120) 300, M. Kaye (rec.155) 263; D. Mason (rec.145)
300, E. Warren (rec.75) 268; B. Armitage (rec.175) 300, M. Peaker (rec.165) 269; M. Garrity
(rec.130) 300, A. Blamire (rec.135) 260; R. Lodge (owe.50) (79, 57, 52) 300, C. Ibbottson (rec.135)
290; R. Haigh (rec.80) 300, P. Bennett (rec.145) 278; M. Cockcroft (rec.125) 300, S. Crosland
(owe.50) (61, 58) 290; K. Steel (rec.100) 300, P. King (rec.155) 240; D. Peaker (rec.140) 300, D.
Richardson (rec.130) 238; B. Cousen (rec.60) 300, R. Sims (rec.90) 296.
Round 2
J. Broadbent (rec.130) 300, G. Rogers (owe.20) (50) 178; D. Mason (rec.145) 300, C.
Pattimore (rec.120) 283; M. Garrity (rec.130) 300, B. Armitage (rec.175) 297; R. Lodge (owe.50)
300, R. Haigh (rec.80) 274; M. Cockcroft (rec.125) 300, K. Steel (rec.100) 254; D. Peaker (rec.140)
300, B. Cousen (rec.60) 271.
Quarter Finals
John Clifford (rec.135) 300, Michael Cockcroft (rec.125) 298; Bret Markwell
(rec.135) 300, Martin Garrity (rec.130) 215; David Peaker (rec.140) 300, Richard Lodge (owe.50)
125; Jack Broadbent (rec.130) 300, David Mason (rec.145) 242.
John Clifford (rec.135) 300, Bret Markwell (rec.135) 227; Jack Broadbent (rec.130)
300, David Peaker (rec.140) 261.
Jack Broadbent (rec.130) 300, John Clifford (rec.135) 298.

The Yorkshire Billiards Championship

Contrary to the Handicap, the premier billiards competition of the
county attracted a disappointing entry. The final saw a repeat of last
year with the champion Richard Lodge of Bradford up against
Wharfedale’s Steve Crosland. A sizeable crowd (for billiards) enjoyed a
good game with both players scoring well. Crosland however, in search
of his sixth county title, proved to be more consistent and scored more
heavily. Both players registered very respectable averages for the game
of 600-up.

In the semi-final Crosland defeated Tim Godolphin from Harrogate by
600-279 whilst Lodge accounted for Huddersfield’s Steve Whiteley by
600-488. The closing stages were held at the Northern Snooker Centre
Leeds through the kind permission of Chris Williamson and the same
establishment once again generously sponsored the event for which
Yorkshire are extremely grateful. Referee for the final was John Bayes
and the marker/recorder was Graham Richardson.


S. Crosland 600, Tim Godolphin 279; R. Lodge 600, Steve Whiteley 488.
S. Crosland (103, 99, 77, 53) 600 (av 19.4); R. Lodge (76, 73) 460 (av 14.8)

Leeds City Championship

Stephen Crosland won the Leeds City Championship on Monday
10th April at the Northern Snooker Centre, when he defeated Howard
Sumner 500-218 in the final. Crosland made breaks of 150 and 119.

Sixty Years ago

Great interest was taken in the Leeds Amateur Championship. For this
there was an original entry of 42; these played at their representative
clubs on the home-and-away principle, with 300 up at each club. The
last four players met at Nelson’s Billiard Hall. Most of the interest was
due to the fact that one of the finalists, Mr. H. Wood, played under
considerable physical disabilities—having only one eye and one leg—
which compels him to use a crutch to make his stance. Despite his
handicaps, however, Mr. Wood won the Championship, and I have
never seen any player’s victory more enthusiastically received by any

The Billiard Player; June 1934

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