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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : August 2000


Photo of Emma Bonney (3k)

Emma Bonney, the
new World Ladies
Billiards Champion

Emma Bonney became the new World Ladies Billiards Champion on 18th April when
she emerged from a field of 10 players to defeat
Caroline Walch in the final at Sheffield.
Walch had previously eliminated Kelly Fisher
who was last year´s finalist, and in the absence
of the 1999 Champion, Karen Corr, one of the
favourites for the event. However, when it came
to the final she could not keep up with Emma
Bonney who totally dominated the proceedings,
her performance highlighted by a break of 65.
After 40 minutes of the scheduled one-hour
final, Walch conceded the match with the scores

standing at 218-50.

Emma, who lives in Portsmouth, took a cheque for £300, which included
£50 for her high break, and Caroline Walch received £150 as runner-up.
Emma Bonney hones her skills in the men´s Billiards League in
Portsmouth where she has played for about four years. She holds the
distinction of being the only woman to have won the League´s Harding
Billiard Cup which was first presented in 1947.

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Snooker Consultancy.
Preliminary Round
Caroline Walch 126, Jan Hughes 74; Sarah Kingswell 176, Nicola Beckley
Quarter Finals
Caroline Walch 135, Kelly Fisher 124; Mary Hawkes 89, Maureen Twomey
67; Lisa Quick 207, Gaye Jones 69; Emma Bonney (34) 136, Sarah Kingswell (29) 120.
Semi Finals
Caroline Walch 188, Mary Hawkes 53; Emma Bonney 205, Lisa Quick 90.
Emma Bonney (25, 65, 29) 218, Caroline Walch 50.

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