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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : May 2000


Breaks Snooker Club, Silver Street, Lincoln

Sunday 27th February 2000

The Under 16’s Individual and English Junior County Team events were played to a conclusion on the 27th February, with all games being of one hour duration. The Under 19’s Individual event was played down to the Semi-finals with the Final being scheduled to take place as part
of the EASB “Finals Week-end” alongside the closing stages of various Amateur Snooker Championships at Newcastle later in the year.
This was the first time the Junior Championship finals had been held at Lincoln, and with Robin Wilson and Matthew Sutton no longer eligible
for the Under Sixteen’s event, the only certainty was that a new name would appear on the cup this year. The following report has been submitted
by Roger Clark.

Under 16 Championship

The Under 16 matches were first in the frame, with interest being centred on third-time qualifier Billy Bousfield and Lincoln’s Peter
Gamblin, who had reached the final of the Junior Ranking Event held
the previous week at the same venue.

The Quarter-finals started with Bousfield against Dawes. This proved
to be somewhat one-sided with Bousfield making all the running and
eventually winning by 123 points.

Photo of Peter Gamblin (9k)

Peter Gamblin wins the U-16 Billiards title
(photo courtesy of the Lincolnshire Echo).

Peter Gamblin’s game against Craig Murphy proved to be the best
game of the round, and with Murphy making the early running with a
nice little 18 break off the white, from Gamblin’s break, it was left to
Gamblin to claw back the lead with his superior potting skill. He
eventually secured the game with a break of 42.

Gavin Lewis is a fast improving player, no doubt helped by brother
Gary, and was on the day too strong for Jason Thomas. With the help
of a 41 break he completed a convincing win and progressed to the
semi-finals with a 259-151 scoreline.

Last years finalist Allan Taylor from Merseyside – no doubt hoping to
go one better this year – started in fine style and despite Stephen
Bingham enjoying a considerable amount of table time, scored 306
points to Bingham’s 195, mainly due to his strong potting ability.
The Semi-finals brought together the competition’s two prospective
snooker stars in Peter Gamblin and Allan Taylor. Taylor has already
announced that, having received parental consent, it is his intention to
leave school at the earliest opportunity and join the UK Snooker tour.
However, it was Gamblin, who having settled into his game against
Craig Murphy in the previous round was first into his stride, and after
losing his opponent’s cue ball put together a string of pot reds for a
break of 42. Taylor’s potting then began to let him down and when
Gamblin put in a break of 37, the game was beyond Taylor’s reach.
Gamblin winning by 98 points.

Billy Bousfield found himself involved in a much a harder game against
an improving and cagey opponent in Gavin Lewis. At one stage he
was over 70 points behind and Lewis was still in front entering the last
2 minutes, but Bousfield, encouraged by a large group of supporters,
held the table with a 20+ unfinished to pass Lewis and win by just 15

With both players wanting to win for different reasons – Bousfield in
his third and last appearance in closing stages of this event, and Gamblin
his first – each played cautiously during the opening visits of the final.
The game was characterised by pot whites and double baulks, with
Gamblin coming out of these encounters the better. In open play
Gamblin’s in-off game and potting proved to be better than Bousfield’s
and by the half way stage he had opened up a lead of 80 points. Despite
Bousfield having a better second half Gamblin matched him shot for
shot and with neither player putting in any worthwhile breaks Gamblin
eventually ran out the winner, to put a new name on the cup and give
Lincoln its first National Billiards Title at any level.

Billy Bousfield
276 Calvin Dawes
Gavin Lewis
259 Jason Thomas
Allan Taylor
306 Stephen Bingham
Peter Gamblin
294 Craig Murphy
Billy Bousfield
234 Gavin Lewis
Peter Gamblin
42, 37
318 Allan Taylor
Peter Gamblin
254 Billy Bousfield

Under 19 Championship

Interest yet again centred on Wilson and Sutton and with them being drawn against each other, as they were last year, a good match seemed
to be in prospect. As things transpired the contest was one-sided and
with Wilson producing a 61 break followed by runs of 42, 35, 34, 33
he finished an easy winner against an out-of-form Sutton.
Martin Shutt progressed to the semi finals with a comfortable win
against Gary Lewis aided by breaks of 38 and 37.

Teesside rivals Darren Clark and Steven Hassack provided an even
match. Hassack clinching victory with a break of 51.

Jimmy Chambers, the Cambridgeshire Junior England International,
showed his superior experience, and with three breaks of 68, 64, and
60 cruised to a 379-131 victory over Glen Blythman of Stockton.
The all-Teesside pairing of Martin Shutt versus Steven Hassack saw
Shutt the winner in a match which produced no breaks of any note,
with Shutt easing ahead and gradually consolidating his position to
win by 87 points.

Wilson and Chambers promised fireworks for their match, both having
performed well in the previous round. This was not to be the case.
Chambers was completely overwhelmed by a string of breaks from
Wilson consisting of 76, 67, 57, 57, 34 and 32, leaving no way back
for Chambers. Wilson winning by the wide margin of 323 points.
The final, later in the year, will be a reversal of last years event when
Matthew Sutton played Jimmy Chambers in an all south encounter.

This year it will be Robin Wilson versus Martin Shutt, thus ensuring
the title returning to the North East. It is anticipated that the venue for
these finals will be at Newcastle on 20th May 2000, subject to
confirmation by EASB.

Martin Shutt
38, 37
317 Gary Lewis
Steven Hassack
271 Darren Clark
Robin Wilson
61, 42
320 Matthew Sutton
Jimmy Chambers
66, 64, 60
379 Glen Blythman
Martin Shutt
49, 37, 32,
325 Steven Hassack
Robin Wilson
76, 67, 57, 57
495 Jimmy Chambers

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