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EABA : The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2000

The Amateur Billiard Player : February 2000

The English Amateur Under 16´s Championship

Sunday 14th November – Various Locations

Robin Wilson and Matthew Sutton have dominated the U-16
Championships for so many years that it is almost a surprise not
to see their names featured in the line-up this year. Both, of course, are
now excluded by limitation of age, and therefore we can be certain that
a new champion will emerge from the current contest.

Three regional centres were used, located at Teesside, Lincolnshire,
and in the Eastern Counties area. All games were played on Sunday
14th November and were of 1 hour duration. The qualifiers from these
regional events will make up the eight players for the Competition


The newly opened Riley’s Pool and Snooker Centre in Middlesbrough
provided an excellent venue for the event which saw 22 entries
competing for the four places in the final stages. Unusually for Snooker
Centres, the tables at Riley’s were not over-generous with the cut of
the pockets, and this, combined with the now ubiquitous “heavy-duty”
cloth found all over Teesside, made break-building especially difficult
for the youngsters.

Photo of Paul McClone (7k)

12 year-old Paul McLone is ready for action.

Nevertheless, there were some good performances, with Craig Murphy
looking particularly impressive as he swept aside Matthew Peaker and
Andrew Fairley to qualify with some ease. Both Peaker and Fairley
had also looked a cut above the rest of the field and must have felt
aggrieved that a more fortunate draw would surely have seen them
into the competition proper.

Those who did make it through with Murphy were Stephen Bingham,
Jason Thomas and that seemingly perennial qualifier, Billy Bousfield.
Coming from Huddersfield, Matthew Peaker was the only player in
attendance who was from outside the Teesside area. It is rare these
days to come across a young player of such obvious ability who does
not reside within the national “hot-spots” of boys’ billiards. It is
understood that some of his knowledge may be attributed to Leeds
professional Ian Williamson, who has been giving him some coaching.

Preliminary Round
Billy Bousfield
211 Scott Casey
Tony Lodge
199 Dean Richardson
Matthew Peaker
212 Paul Close
Andrew Fairley
317 Mark Holmes
Jason Thomas
188 Liam O’Neill
Rob Wright
w/o Michael Bracey
First Round
Billy Bousfield
w/o Craig Evans
Tony Lodge
139 Stephen Woodall
Craig Murphy
251 Matthew Peaker
Andrew Fairley
214 Dominic Mulhall
Jason Thomas
226 Phil Dales
Paul McLone
133 Rob Wright
Stephen Bingham
165 Anthony O’Brien
Anthony Peacock
155 Mark Coates
Qualifying Round
Billy Bousfield
199 Tony Lodge
Stephen Bingham
150 Anthony Peacock
Craig Murphy
270 Andrew Fairley
Jason Thomas
188 Paul McLone
Qualifiers : B. Bousfield, S. Bingham, C. Murphy, J. Thomas


Gavin Lewis was the outstanding player from the Eastern section which
was played at the Pot Black SC in Fakenham. Calvin Daws had two
very close matches with Nathan Mann and Arron Spencer, but came
through them both to take the second qualifying place.

First Round
Calvin Daws
195 Nathan Mann
Gavin Lewis
216 James Roberts
Qualifying Round
Calvin Daws
203 Arron Spencer
Gavin Lewis
202 Jamie Edwards
Qualifiers : C. Daws, G. Lewis


As the draw brought together Allan Taylor and Steven Welsby, and
both were based in the Liverpool area, special arrangements had been
made for their match to be played at the George Scott Club on 13th
November to minimise travelling. Even so, Taylor managed to arrive
three minutes after the appointed time and the match supervisor Bob
Williams, imposed a 12 point penalty and reduced the match time to
57 minutes. Even with this handicap, Taylor made it through by a
narrow 22 points, assisted by a break of 39.

The remainder of the field met at the Breaks SC in Lincoln where
Peter Gamblin made a series of useful breaks to take the second
qualifying place with ease.

First Round
Peter Gamblin
39, 37
249 Robert Hall
Matthew Bavin
177 Neil Hall
Peter Gamblin
41, 35, 33
304 Matthew Bavin
Allan Taylor
246 Steven Welsby
Qualifiers : P. Gamblin, A. Taylor

The eight qualifiers from the three regions will now travel to the Breaks
Snooker Centre, Lincoln on Sunday 27th February where the event
will be played to a conclusion.

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